Fishbrain Pro: The app that will help you land your dream catch

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Fishbrain is the secret weapon that over 6.5 million American anglers are keeping in their back pockets. Whether you’re a freshwater or saltwater angler, a beginner or pro, Fishbrain is designed to help you fish smarter, not harder. The app gives you access to the best fishing tips and tricks, lets you shop the latest gear, and helps you hunt down the perfect fishing spot near you, all from the palm of your hand.

Thanks to its pool of crowd-sourced data, Fishbrain helps anglers decide where, when, and how to fish, ensuring they have the insights they need for the best possible experience each time they venture out. With features like BiteTime – the world’s most advanced fishing forecast – and AI-powered species recognition tools, it’s no wonder Fishbrain is the app of choice for fishing pros like Scott Martin, Chasten Whitfield, and Roland Martin.

Just in time for the 2020 fishing season, Fishbrain has made its app even more invaluable by launching Fishbrain Pro, its fully revamped and reloaded membership plan. With Fishbrain Pro, users will get everything they love about Fishbrain Premium, including exact catch locations, fishing forecasts, and depth contours, but with the addition of even more essential tools to keep them ahead of the game. Based on community feedback, Fishbrain has added a whole host of perks, features and tools.

Never forget that honey hole again: private waypoints

Fishbrain pro waypoints.
Never forget that honey hole again: private waypoints. Fishbrain

After talking to thousands of Fishbrain users, the message was clear: anglers wanted a way to jot down a specific location while using Fishbrain. With this in mind, Fishbrain made private waypoints the first addition to Fishbrain Pro.

Whenever users need to remember a specific location while out fishing — the perfect back road entrance, a special honey hole or a nasty bunch of weeds — they can simply drop a waypoint and add a note to store it in their Fishbrain map for later. Crucially, these waypoints are 100% private, meaning that only the user can see them.

Designed to help users easily get back to those special spots without having to share their location, the first version of private waypoints has been rolled out for anglers to enjoy this 2020 fishing season, and Fishbrain will be using user feedback to improve its waypoints feature as the year goes on.

For Fishbrain Pro Staff, Chasten Whitfield, the private waypoints feature is a much-needed essential: “Having the waypoint function helps me know exactly where all my favorite spots are. Plus, it gives me added reassurance if my navigation system isn’t working, because I can always go on my phone and pull my waypoints up on Fishbrain.”

Share what you want, with who you want: private groups

bass hunters fishbrain pro
Share what you want, with who you want: private groups Fishbrain

Currently Fishbrain users can post, share and comment on the platform as they please; however, increasingly Fishbrain was being asked to build a feature where users could chat and share catches with only a select few. With the new Fishbrain Pro, members can create their own private groups with family, friends, or hometown fishing buddies! Now, users can plan fishing trips, discuss the latest catch, or share tips and tricks without the entire community getting in on the action.

Pro perks: member deals and free shipping

member deals fishbrain pro
Pro perks: member deals and free shipping Fishbrain

Fishing gear is a huge part of any angler’s fishing arsenal. Over the past few months, Fishbrain has worked closely with some of the best brands in the industry, including Abu Garcia, Favorite Fishing, and Berkley, to see how the app can give back to Fishbrain Pro members. With Fishbrain Pro, all members now get free shipping on orders over $10. Additionally, Pro members will receive exclusive deals from top fishing brands within the app.

So, are you going to join the millions of other anglers upping their game with Fishbrain? Land your best catch, connect with your fishing buddies, and become an even better angler this fishing season by signing up to Fishbrain Pro. Catch you on the water!

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Fishbrain Pro price: $9.99/month or $74.99/year. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.