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Upgraded UNO Archery App Helps You Sight In Your Bow Quickly and Accurately

uno archery app

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Using the UNO Archery App is a no-brainer when it comes to setting pin gaps on a bow sight in seconds, as we reported last year. It doesn’t require guessing or losing expensive arrows, and it minimizes the time you spend fiddling with your sights so you can get on with practicing. Now, the latest UNO upgrade offers several notable improvements for single pin shooters, and includes wireless printing for both iOS and Android operating systems. Bowhunters can now use UNO to print single-pin sight tapes scaled to their individual set-up directly from their smartphone.

The innovative app uses the same science as bullet drop calculators, which are so popular with the firearms folks. The UNO’s onboard arrow drag estimator will accurately predict your arrow drop after you enter some basic measurements: arrow speed, peep measurement, and vane/feather type. Using literally thousands of data points from Full Flight Technology’s flagship product, the Velocitip electronic field point, the developers created an algorithm for producing precision pin gap measurements. (We use the Velocitip Ballistic System in our annual compound and crossbow tests to deliver all the objective data on each bow we test.)

UNO’s user interface is simple, making it easy to customize printed sight tapes. For instance, the app gives the user a selection of where to print tapes on the page, yardage increments (1- and 10-yard increments), and left or right legends. Each printout includes five tapes and a calibration scale (used to confirm the printout matches the phone readout).

For single pin shooters who prefer to use one of the factory-provided calibration tapes included with their sight, the UNO update also includes a newly added Turbo Tape feature. Just select the Turbo Tape icon and the app takes you to the page where you can find manufacturer supplied tapes (includes Black Gold, CBE and HHA branded sights). All you have to do is sight in a precise 20-yard mark, then peel and stick the selected tape on your sight.

The UNO app shines when you want to set up your sight but don’t have access to a long 50 or 60 yard range normally required to set a second sight mark and select a tape.

With this new update, UNO still retails for $9.99 and is available on iOS and Android platforms. And if you already purchased the UNO app, all you have to do is update your existing app.