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Survival Gear Review: Kupilka Camping Cup

Enjoy your favorite trail brew or a cup of hearty soup with ease
Lightweight camping cup

<em>The Kupilka camp cup will be coming to the USA soon.</em> Tim MacWelch

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Who says that sturdy outdoor gear has to be ugly? Or that modern gear has to look like it’s from outer space?

I have been testing the Kupilka 37, which is designed to be a two-in-one bushcraft container (acting as both a large cup and a small bowl), and I’m happy to say that sturdy can be pretty—and modern can still have roots in traditional styling.

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Kupilka has combined traditional Scandinavian-style containers with beautiful modern materials to create a new line of outdoor products that are durable, lightweight, food safe, and handsome to behold. These products are made from Kareline biomaterial, with is a half-and-half blend of wood shavings and thermoplastic composite. They look like wood, but are far more rugged. And unlike wood, these cups, plates, bowls, and utensils are not subject to cracking or splintering that every wooden container must face during the cycles of getting wet and drying out. That’s right mountain men and mountain women—no more splinters in your lips!

There are two things that I love most about this line of products. First, I’m crazy about the curves. These products mirror a number of time-honored bowl styles that I have painstakingly carved from wood. Secondly, the surface texture is remarkable. It feels like silk, so you won’t have that “sucking on a wooden spoon” feeling as you imbibe your favorite cold drinks or sip on a warm broth. If that’s not enough, these containers are low maintenance, easy to wash, heat and cold resistant, and they will not absorb odors. Each product is 100 percent recyclable, BPA-free, and made in Finland.

The newest products are available in four colors—original brown, conifer, cranberry and kelo black.

The Kupilka 37 comfortably holds 14 oz. of liquid and weighs only 4.7 oz.

The K 37 is coming soon to the United States, but if you can’t wait, grab the kid brother of the Kupilka right here at Amazon.

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