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Q:So i have been thinkin a while about geting an actual pistol to use ( i already have a .22lr single shot break barrel with a peep rear and a hooded front but it is super old and really hard to get a good sight picture free handed.) so my intension of getting the pistol is something that i can carry around wheather hunting, dirtbiking, 4 wheeling, doing work around the farm, possible home or personal defense which in my situation would probably never happen, target shooting/plinking/having fun, or just taking a walk around the woods. the animals that i see that i would use this on would be the occasional squirl, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, opossum, woodchuck or other animal around that size you may find in the woods and maybe some pigeons. but it would also be the gun i would be carrying with me during hunting seson and one animal i hunt is coyote pretty much all other is non dagerous game but still would carry it just incase if something does happen. the two main reasons for carrying this gun is i have kinda gotten a little "annal" about going into the woods with out a weapon of some type be it nife gun or something that you can use as a defense weapon. the reason being is that a couple years back my dad and i were snowmobiling and came up on all of the tracks on our swamp (which was obviously froze over and had snow on it.) but so we went over there and there was a bunch of coyote tracks but then we noticed that there were these other bigger tracks CAT LIKE i was like dad what are these and he said i have no clue and they were so big that my dads hand fit inside him and belive me my dad has no small hand. later that year my brother claimeed he saw something big and black run into the woods but couldnt get a clear view oh and about that last thing my dad called up the dnr and gave them the description of the paw right there and they said it was probably a mountain lion now remeber i live in minnesota so this is not common. but however the year after that while i was on the bus the strangest thing happened i was talking about it and we saw it while i was talking to this one kid. IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY NEIGHBORS HOUSE now we didnt call him or anything cause it was farther away from his actuall house and it was like 6 in the morning also my dad started talking to some people and appenently some people have seen it including our other neigboring farms. then this year i saw some pretty big tracks again. my mom saw it first and she thought it was my one black lab and then she relized it was a big cat and then relized the dog was beside her. also i dont want any coyotes commin up on me so that is another reason i want it but the other main reason i want it is that i hate haveing to lug a big gun around on the four wheeler or snowmobile and sometimes its annoying to even bring a big gun on a snowmobile. at first i was looking at the p22 because of it size but in a way i liked that but in a way i didnt. but then i also saw mixed reviews so i was looking at other like the gsg 1911 .22. or should i go less military like for my uses and go with like a browning buckmark or ruger mkiii or am i picking the wrong caliber for my uses and should i get something like a 40s&w 45acp or 9mm or should i be looking at a revolver and that two should i be looking at something bigger like a 45 long colt 44mag or 357 mag. the reason that i want the .22lr the most is because i already have two .22lr guns and ammo is very cheap.

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