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Whether you choose a shooting stick with one, two, or three legs, it’s better than shooting with no stick at all. BOG

The easiest way to improve your accuracy with a rifle is to use some sort of fixed rest rather than shooting off-hand. That can be a shooting bag or lead sled at the range or a simple handhold against a tree trunk in the woods. But for optimal field performance, it’s hard to beat a pair of portable shooting sticks. They’re light enough to carry or pack everywhere you go, can be set up in seconds, and offer that extra level of stability to increase the likelihood of anchoring each shot. Consider these factors when searching for a mobile shooting platform.


A reliable set of shooting sticks are strong, lightweight, and easy to use. BOG

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A pair of shooting sticks with two legs is the best combination of light weight and stability. Monopods are less stable, and tripods are heavier. For everyday use on common big game species at moderate distances, a telescoping bipod is the all-purpose choice.


If weight isn’t a factor when you’re hunting, a tripod offers more stability than a bipod or monopod. BOG

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When you need more stability and aren’t as concerned about weight or portability, consider a tripod shooting platform. They usually have a few more bells and whistles, such as an articulated head and leveling bubble, making them more suitable on the range, from a blind, or when potting varmints from a fixed position at long distances.

Head and Yoke

Shooting sticks that you’re able to quickly deploy will serve you well if you’re expecting to take rushed shots. Primos Hunting

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A pair of sticks with the head on a rotating joint offers maximum adjustment of shooting angle. And a detachable yoke makes it easy to switch between optics and rifle for those long glassing sessions followed by the stalk and shot.