New Air Rifles of SHOT Show 2023

New air rifles from SHOT Show 2023

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Air rifles continue to be insanley popular, and that’s pushing innovation forward. The best new airguns on display at SHOT Show are a great example of that continued improvement.

We’re seeing airguns become more affordable, accurate, powerful, and handier in the field. While pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power plants continue to garner the most interest, there is a healthy selection of new spring piston and multi-pump guns. Here are the latest airguns being released at SHOT Show.

New Air Rifles from Hatsan

Hatsan is a company that has been producing many of my go-to hunting rifles over the last several years, and it’s no secret that I’ve been using their Piledriver big bore .45 and .50 caliber rifles for much of my big game hunting. But Hatsan’s line up offers a wide array of airguns for any shooting applications, and their new offerings at SHOT 2023 reflect this with not only a new caliber for their flagship big game rifle, but also new mid-bore PCP rifles, a convertible handgun/carbine, and new line of spring piston rifles.

PileDriver .62 Cal Big Bore

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  Key Features

  •  Single-shot, manual loading, bullpup pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle
  • .62 caliber
  • Quattro Trigger – 2-stage, fully adjustable, match trigger
  • Removable 480cc carbon fiber air cylinder fills to 300 BAR
  • Built-in pressure gauge to monitor cylinder pressure
  • Max Muzzle Energy in .62 cal – 700+ FPE

The .62 caliber PileDriver is a rifle designed with big game hunting in its DNA. The rifle utilizes a 33-inch barrel, but the bullpup design keeps the maximum length at about 47 inches. As with the other rifles in this line, the .62 caliber utilizes a smooth and easy-to-cycle side lever cocking mechanism. The 480cc carbon fiber bottle fills to 4350 PSI and can provide up to 6 high-powered shots on a single fill. The stock is an all-weather, synthetic bullpup incorporating an ergonomic pistol grip with textured grip surfaces for shooting comfort and control. For those interested in big-game airgun hunting, the Piledriver .62 will be a hit.

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The Factor .30 and .35

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  Key Features

  •  Repeating, side-lever action, bullpup pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle 
  • Available in .30 and .35 calibers 
  • Externally adjustable pressure regulator and hammer preload 
  • QuietEnergy fully shrouded barrel with integrated sound moderator
  • Quattro Trigger – 2-stage, fully adjustable, match trigger
  • Two detachable, caliber-specific, multi-shot, spring rotary magazines included
  • 580cc detachable carbon fiber bottle – spare bottles available 
  • High shot capacity, and magazine capacity (dependent on caliber)

HatsanUSA will introduce a new rifle at SHOT based on the Factor RC, the Factor BP bullpup. This is a new design leveraging the technological advances of the Factor platform to provide a highly customizable and compact pre-charged pneumatic airgun. The Factor BP is available in .30 and .35 calibers, and I’ve used a prototype rifle in .35 to take feral hogs in Texas. The Factor BP can be fine-tuned and tailored to various competition and shooting styles as well. The Factor RC’s power output is adjustable, featuring an externally adjustable pressure regulator with an output pressure gauge and a hammer preload adjuster to fine-tune power output and cocking effort. 

The Jet PCP Pistol

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  Key Features

  •  Side-lever, repeating, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) carbine air rifle/pistol
  • Available in .177, .22, and .25 calibers
  • Removable single 40cc air cylinder fills to 250 BAR on JET I
  • Removable** dual 40cc (80cc total) air cylinders fills to 250 BAR on JET II 
  • Extra single and dual air cylinders available in 4 colors – black, red, blue, and green
  • Weight: JET I – 2 pounds; 2.9 pounds with stock
  • Ultracompact

The Jet is a new, pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air pistol. Actually, this air-powered handgun has more to offer, the rig comes with a removable buttstock that easily converts it into a handy little carbine as well. Available in 3 calibers: .177, .22, and .25, the JET is perfect for target practice, small game hunting, and plinking. The Jet is a side-lever action, multi-shot PCP equipped with a removable air cylinder and built-in pressure gauge. A variation is also available designated as the JET II, which is built with dual 40cc air cylinders. The jet generates plenty of power for small game hunting, and the removable air bottles will keep you shooting over a long weekend in the field.

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New Air Rifles from Umarex

Umarex is another major player in the airgun market that’s been elevating their game in recent years. When the company released the Gauntlet PCP, it was one of a select group of airguns that offered the features and performance of premium hunting rifles at an affordable price. This was followed by their Hammer .50 caliber rifle, which was also loaded with innovative technology, features, performance, and delivered at a very reasonable price point. And based on this development history, I was very interested to see what Umarex will be offering at this SHOT Show.

The Umarex .50 Caliber Hammer Carbine

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  Key Features

  •  .50 caliber
  • Patented two shot magazine, two magazines included
  • 4 Full powered shots per fill
  • Generates velocities up to 960 fps and energy levels to 530 fpe
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Overall Length: 34.3 inches
  • Innovative and ergonomic stock design

The Hammer .50 caliber rifle is a performance big game hunting rifle, that offers accuracy and power along with features such as a fully shrouded barrel, the innovative Lightspeed valve which produces outstanding shot-to-shot consistency over the four shot/fill string utilizing a patented two-shot shuttle magazine. The new carbine version generates significant power in a small footprint and reduces the overall length by almost 7 inches and is a pound lighter than the rifle version. This is carbine offers everything I want in a big game gun to be carried into the dense thickets after hogs, and I’m looking forward to running it through its paces.

The Umarex NOTOS CRK

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  Key Features

  •  7 Shot rotary magazine (magazine and shot tray included)
  • The SilencAir sound suppression system provides quiet shooting
  • Collapsible, lightweight stock
  • Sidelever cocking
  • Two-stage, adjustable trigger

The NOTOS CRK is a compact and lightweight .22 caliber PCP carbine, that can serve as a quiet fun gun for backyard plinking or go into the woods with you for a day of squirrel hunting. With a retractable and light stock this is a gun that is well suited for just about any sized shooter, and is a gun that will grow with a young shooter. The NOTOS utilizes a quick cycling sidelever action, that auto indexes a rotary magazine for rapidly blasting reactive targets or a fast follow-up on game.

The Umarex EMERGE Gas Piston Air Rifle

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  Key Features

  •  12 Shot rotary magazine 
  • Gas Piston power plant
  • Lightweight polymer stock
  • Scope with Rings is included
  • Incorporates the SilencAir sound suppression system
  • Available in .177 or .22 caliber
  • Low cocking effort

The EMERGE is one of the next generation Gas Piston airguns that addresses a historical shortcoming of the springer design: they are almost invariably single shot. The EMERGE incorporates an easy-to-load 12-shot rotary magazine on a proven break barrel platform, that generates quick and fumble-free cycling of the rifle. The result is a fully self-contained air rifle ideally suited for cold-weather hunters that don’t want to single load pellets with gloved hands or frozen fingers. And even if you live in warmer climes, the convenience of a magazine-fed gun will grow on you.

New Airguns from Air Venturi

Air Venturi has been an importer, development partner, and a major provider of airguns and adjunct gear for the US market for many years. They have partnered with international manufacturers over the last several years to develop their own product portfolio and brought out some very popular rifles such as the Seneca PCP line up. At the SHOT Show this year, Air Venturi will introduce a new product line called the AVENGE-X Modular Rifle Series.


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  Key Features

  •  Modular Design
  • 3-point External Power Adjustment: Regulator, Transfer port, and hammer spring.
  • Multiple stock options (Classic Synthetic, Classic Wood, Tactical, Bullpup)
  • carbon fiber air bottle or 210cc air tube options
  • Caliber interchangeable (.177, .22, .25)

The AVENGE-X modular rifles leverage a common technology platform as the foundation for eight rifle variations that include classic, tactical, and bullpup designs with various calibers and air storage options. What is shared across all of these PCP air rifles is a regulated powerplant with full performance adjustability, smooth and ergonomic sidelever cocking, and an integrated shrouded barrel. These guns can be configured to provide an individual shooting experience that can be tuned for a specific projectile or application. I believe that if you are interested in PCP air rifles, this is one you’ll have to check out at the SHOT Show at the Air Venturi Booth.

New Air Rifles from Daystate and Brocock/BRK

Some of the finest PCP guns that have been produced have come out of the UK, which is arguably the birthplace of the modern PCP air rifle. Daystate and Brocock are sister companies out of the UK that consistently produce rifles that stand out, even in the rarified air of the premium market segment. Both the Daystate and Brocock are built in a consolidated factory, and the branding of the Brocock is in the process of shifting to the BRK badge. I have selected a new gun from each of these brands that I believe will impact the premium segment of the market.

The Daystate Alpha Wolf HP Hi Lite 

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  Key Features

  •  Programable regulator
  • Integrated chronograph
  • Fully Shrouded barrel
  • Dual Magazine System
  • Overal Length: 24.4 inches

The new Alpha Wolf is a user-programmable, electronic air rifle, that stands as a technological showcase for Daystate. It is a bullpup configuration with a beautifully designed laminate skeleton stock, incorporating an adjustable cheek and butt pad that provides an ergonomic platform for almost any shooting discipline. The Alpha Wolf is regulated and can be finetuned for a specific projectile or application, and features an on-board chronograph, quick and easy barrel changes, and touch-screen programming for electronic air regulation. Another breakthrough feature is the double-magazine loading system that provides a high shot capacity without the need for a reload. In keeping to the Daystate tradition, this rifle has an excellent adjustable trigger with a very tactile blade design. I think that this would be the perfect rig for the serious competitive shooter to look at.

The Brocock BRK- Ghost Plus

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  Key Features

  •   Interchangeable barrels (Multicaliber)
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Adjustable power with flexible settings
  • Fully Shrouded barrel
  • Option for 480cc or compact 300cc air bottle)
  • Fully adjustable, match-style trigger
  • Up to 95 fpe (in .30 cal)

The BRK Ghost leverages innovative technology to maximize the strength, rigidity, and accuracy of the platform, which is offered in three model configurations. The Ghost is available in the standard calibers of .177, .22, and .25, but what I was excited to hear was that they will be offering the .30 caliber as well. This is the company’s first .30 caliber, and it will generate up to 95 fpe. Besides the selection of calibers, there are a number of interchangeable barrels and carbon fiber air bottles (480cc or 300cc) available depending on the shooters needs. The power output is adjustable in more than 20 discreet steps, and the higher-power models have an additional finger-adjustable dial to fine-tune the regulator pressure, which is monitored on a separate gauge. The BRK’s sidelever action is a field proven design and can be set up for either right- or left-hand operation. In general, this is a compact hunting gun that is ergonomic, built to be rugged and reliable, and designed for hunting.

New Air Rifles from AirForce

AirForce is one of the true success stories in the US airgun industry, and has become one of the leaders in the big bore airgun market. The company, based in Ft. Worth Texas, was one of the first manufacturers of PCP air rifles in the States. Their tactical look Talon and Condor rifles represented an early mover towards high power rifles in the standard calibers. But it was the release of their Texan Model in calibers from .308 – .50 caliber, that proved a game changer for big game airgun hunters. AirForce carries the Rapid Air Worx (RAW) airgun line and will be showing the HM 1000 MicroHunter at SHOT this year.

The HM 1000 MicroHunter

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  Key Features

  •  Action: Multi-Shot, Side Lever
  • Regulator: Adjustable
  • Ultracompact
  • Low Sound signature 

The HM 1000 MicroHunter is a very compact carbine that will offer big performance in the field. The barrel is 8.5 inches with a 27-inch length overall, and weighs in at approximately 5.6 pounds. This carbine is based on the proven RAW HM1000 platform, a gun that has been a great long range shooter in my experience. But whereas the standard rifle has fairly substantial dimensions, the MicroHunter is a dream for hunters like me that want to carry as little extraneous weight into the field as possible. The multishot magazine is actuated by a sidelever cocking mechanism, and is available in .177, .22, and .25. It has a collapsible tactical stock configuration with a well-proportioned pistol grip, a 210CC tank, and incorporates the proprietary BarkStripper sound suppression system. This is a rig I look forward to getting my hands on when it rolls out after SHOT.

Final Thoughts

In this article, I’ve touched on a few of the exciting products that are either being released or have been recently released onto the market. I have selected airguns that provide new features or make existing features more accessible to the shooting community, which will generate excitement at the SHOT Show. While there is arguably more innovation and focus being placed on pre-charged pneumatics, there are still new developments in spring/gas piston and multi-pump airguns to look at, and believe these will continue to be the gateway to airgunning for most shooters in North America.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg, this overview was written in advance of the SHOT Show kick off, and I am sure there will be several products I didn’t have a chance to look at or review beforehand. Following the SHOT Show this year I will be updating our series on the Best Air Rifles, the Most Powerful Airguns, and the Best Airgun Scopes (of 2023), and will be doing a number of single product reviews, so keep an eye out.

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