Sig Sauer P250

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It is extraordinarily smooth and allowed for excellent control during strings of rapid fire. Likewise, the frame this gun shipped with (compact frame, mid-sized grip) seems to suit my hands, which are pretty average sized, perfectly. I found the pistol to be very comfortable and a natural pointer.

Being a lefty, the first tweak I did to the gun was to switch the magazine release to the other side. I’m glad it is a simple operation (which you do with a paperclip), because when shooting with a strong two-hand grip with the magazine release on the left side of the frame (in the right-handed position) my left hand pushed down on the release hard enough to knock the magazine loose a couple of times. Definitely something to think about when shooting with the weak hand.

The ambidextrous slide release is another feature I really like. Again, the positioning for my hand size was perfect.

But the beauty of this pistol is that if these controls didn’t fit your hand well, you simply mix and match frames and triggers in order to get the gun exactly the way you want. Very cool.

Other quick observations: Takedown was a snap and in a matter of seconds you can have the gun in pieces without the need for any special tools. The ability to pull out the “fire control” mechanism (which is where the gun’s serial number is stamped—a small window cut in the side of the frame is what allows you to view the number) will make giving this gun a very thorough cleaning easy. I know some guys pride themselves on the number of rounds they have through a dirty gun. I’m not one of them. I like to keep my guns clean and appreciate the fact that this one will be simple to service.

The sights are very nice too. They are snag free and are easy to see and line up under any lighting condition. The Picatinny rail on the bottom of the frame in front of the trigger guard will allow for easy mounting of lights, lasers or whatever. The large trigger guard will accommodate gloved fingers without hassle and the gripping surfaces on the frame are very well executed. The P250 is clearly a working, duty-oriented pistol.

Cosmetically, I chose the two-tone model, which I think gives it a handsome look.

I don’t want to get too excited about this P250 before putting a lot more ammo through it, but at first blush it looks like a winner.

I’ll file additional reports as soon as I get some of the other frames and calibers to play with and get some more rounds down range. A full-sized frame with both 9mm and .45 ACP barrels (as soon as they become available) is next on the list.

—John Snow