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1 We were talking knives in the office the other day and I was gushing about some of my favorite knives—in particular, my favorite big knives, of which I have many. (Yes, I know this is a gun blog. But I don’t know of any gun guys who also don’t like knives.)

So I decided to bring in some of my most cherished big-ass blades to show them off to my co-workers and one thing led to another and before I knew it we had a photo shoot going with a couple of our more lovely looking staffers. Here is the photo gallery of that shoot.

I’ve been collecting big knives since I was a little kid and always get excited when a new blade comes along. One of my good friends happens to work at SOG Knives and he knows my affinity for oversized cutlery so when the company introduced the Tigershark 2.0 he sent one along and made my month. It is a jaw-dropping example of a wickedly cool blade.

I also recently got one of Surefire’s new knives, the Delta Fixed-Blade Combat Knife. This is on the small end of what I consider a big blade but it is a hell of a knife. I’ve taken to wearing it concealed under my shirt—particularly in places where I can’t wear a sidearm—and it is surprisingly comfortable on my hip.

I don’t know if I’ll ever need the built in wire cutter (which was designed with LE and military folks in mind to help them remove flex-cuffs) but it is completely unobtrusive as is the integral harness/seatbelt cutter.

We’re looking for pictures of your big-ass blades, too. Send them to us at

—John Snow