Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner Daniel White in a Nov. 23 blog published on writes that when it comes to winning hearts and minds, you can’t beat them, but you can buy them.

“George Soros once said he’d spend his entire fortune if someone would guarantee that George Bush would lose the last election as a result. He later claimed he was joking. What isn’t a joke is that foreign financiers and domestic despots are willing to spend enormous amounts of money in order to see gun rights abolished in this country,” he writes. “All that stands between them and their dream of a ban on gun ownership is a few million gun owners.”

White says groups like the Joyce Foundation and the David & Lucille Packard Foundation are deep-pocket elitist-fascist cells that “work tirelessly to try to undermine the Second Amendment.”

The Joyce Foundation, with nearly $1 billion in assets, has issued more than $12 million in grants in the last seven years to gun control groups in the Great Lakes region, he says.

“Standing in their way are only the gun rights groups in this country like the National Rifle Association and Ohioans For Concealed Carry,” White said. “These groups are funded not by the deep pockets of foreign investors and billionaires like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but by everyday citizens and gun owners who just want to be left unmolested and to not see their Constitutional Rights sold to the highest bidder.”

The bottom line: “Every gun owner in this country should belong to at least two gun rights groups if they want to keep their freedoms, one national group and one statewide group. They need your support because without you they will fail, and if they fail we all lose,” White writes.

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