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A couple weeks back I flew down to Colorado to get a look at Weatherby’s lineup of new products for 2011. Included in the mix is the SA-459 in 20 ga. This shotgun is in Weatherby’s “Threat Response” family of guns — apparently if they use the word “tactical” in California Nancy Pelosi will emerge from her crypt and eat the soul of a child — and is geared toward the personal defense crowd.

I’m a big fan of personal defense shotguns. I have an 870 that I’ve modified with an extended mag tube, collapsible buttstock, 18-inch barrel and a Surefire weapon light forend for my home.

The A-459 is a nice gun with some good features. I like the pistol grip stock, the oversized charging handle on the bolt, and the ghost-ring sight perched on top of the Picatinny rail–though I found the comb has a bit too much drop in it for the elevated sights.

I also think the idea of using a 20 ga. shotgun for home defense in lieu of a 12 ga. is an interesting one. Certainly, the gun would be easier to handle for a woman or older child should the need arise, and for that alone it deserves consideration. Does the 20 ga. pack enough punch for your liking? I know I’d hate to get hit by a load of buckshot from one. Or would you stick with a 12 ga., hell or high water?