Brownells Is Now Selling Ammunition

John B. Snow Avatar

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Starting today you can order ammunition from Brownells and its subsidiaries Sinclair International and

With this move, Brownells joins other large players in the mail-order ammo business like Cabela’s and Midwayusa.

I took a look at what Brownells has in stock and it is a wide-ranging list. In rifle ammo there are several difficult to find cartridges like the Weatherby magnums and Remington Short-Action Ultra Mags but you’ll find all the standard offerings–like 25 different .223 loads–as well.

One nice feature is the “Ammo Advisor” tool that allows you to check off attributes (i.e. 9mm pistol ammo by Winchester for self defense) to zero in on a specific load. It’s a useful feature.

I spoke yesterday with Larry Weeks at Brownells and he told me they are planning to roll out bulk purchases of ammo and some other discounts in the near future, which is good news for the gun nuts who put thousands of rounds down range each year.

Based on what I saw, the prices look competitive so this is good news for the consumer. The more players we have in this space the better deals we’ll get when shopping around.