Uncle Mike’s New Reflex Holsters Make for an Easier Draw, But You Still Better Practice

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Retention holsters are great for keeping your sidearm secure and making sure no one else can draw your gun on you. The catch is, that you have to be able to draw your gun too.

With this predicament in mind, Uncle Mike’s has added a half-dozen new models to its popular line of retention holsters.

The Reflex Holster (pictured) securely retains a pistol using Uncle Mike’s Integrated Retention Technology (I.R.T.), which features a retention lug on the outer wall of the holster in combination with a press arm on the body side of the holster.

It’s designed to allow the shooter to get a full and secure grip on the firearm before he or she begins to draw. To draw, get a firm grip and then turn the firearm’s magazine well toward the body.
But no matter what type of retention holster you use, you better practice with it.

“If you are going to carry a retention holster, then you need to use that type holster all the time,” advises James “Tiger” McKee, director of Shootrite Academy, a tactical firearms school located in Langston, Alabama. “I see a lot of problems with students who will bring one for training when they don’t normally use one for carry. Under stress, this leads to them not getting a proper draw because they forget or struggle with the release mode. Consistency with gear, especially something like the holster, is essential to success under stress.”

Reflex Holsters are now available to fit the following handguns:
– 74211 – Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35
– 74091 – Smith & Wesson M&P and M&P Pro – 9mm – 45 caliber
– 74111 – Fits most 1911 Commander style pistols from Sig Sauer, Springfield and Kimber
– 74141 – Ruger SR9, SR9C, SR40 and SR40C
– 74221 – Sig Sauer P220, P220R, P226, P226R
– 74271 – Springfield XD, XDM

MSRP: $38.95
Website: Unclemikes.com