Federal Bill Seeks to Penalize Stand Your Ground States

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Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) represents the Miami-area congressional district that Trayvon Martin was living in when he was fatally shot in alleged self-defense by George Zimmerman, sparking a nationwide debate on ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Wilson is now seeking to politically capitalize on the debate by introducing a proposed federal bill that would punish states that allow legally armed citizens to defend themselves.

Wilson’s bill, of course, has no chance of passing in the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. Wilson knows that. She also knows that the ploy will play well in her district.

As a perpetually campaigning politician, that’s what counts.

Wilson outlined her proposal on June 12, noting that she will introduce it when the House returns from recess. Essentially, it will call for withholding some federal transportation dollars from states that have ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws.

Thirty-one — and counting — states have ‘Stand Your Ground’ legislation or similar laws that allow armed citizens to defend themselves.

‘Stand Your Ground’ laws “should all be repealed,” she told Mike Lillis of The Hill in a June 13 article. “My legislation would withhold a portion of transportation funds from any state that has a law that allows an armed person to pursue, confront and shoot-to-kill an unarmed person in public.”

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