Shooting a bear is not as difficult as some make it seem.
Bears are apex predators, but they are not hard to kill cleanly if your shot placement is on point. Outdoor Life

Black bear season here in Alaska, or anywhere for that matter, brings its share of challenges. Don’t let a poorly placed shot be one of them.

When bowhunting bears, shot placement is super critical. They are tougher than nails, and don’t leave much of a blood trail, so putting a quick killing arrow right through the boiler room will help ensure a speedy recovery.

The biggest challenge with bear shot placement is that their vitals and front shoulder structure is significantly different than that of the deer family. The shoulder and leg bones are tougher, and configured differently than ungulates (as shown in the video). It’s pretty easy to pick up on these differences, but very important nonetheless. In many cases, a bow shot in the leg, shoulder, or one lung won’t even kill the bear.

With plenty of practice, and a solid knowledge of your prey’s anatomy, you’ll be one step closer to a successful hunt!