James Bond to Use .500 Nitro Express in New ‘Skyfall’ Movie

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Bond. James Bond, will be shooting a double rifle designed to stop a charging elephant in the latest Bond outing Skyfall.

Remmert van Braam of Bond Lifestyle is reporting that Daniel Craig’s James Bond will use an Anderson Wheeler .500 Nitro Express Double Rifle in the next installment of the 50-year-old Bond film franchise.

The $24,500 .500 Nitro Box Lock Express Rifle shoots a 570 grain .50 caliber bullet at about 2,200 feet per second. The .500 was originally conceived of for shooting – and stopping – dangerous game in Africa and India.

It is unknown in what capacity Bond will use his .500 but the latest trailer does offer a glimpse of Daniel Craig holding the rifle at the hip at the 2:22 mark.

Skyfall hits UK theaters in October and US theaters on November 9, 2012.