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Record Moose Alert: Potential World-Record Bull Killed in the Yukon

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The Boone and Crockett Club’s Trophy Watch Instagram feed posted this photo of a monster bull taken on Sept. 25 by Heinz Naef. According to the Club, the bull has an unofficial score greater than 262 inches. The current world record for an Alaska-Yukon Moose is 261 5/8 inches. Naef’s bull has a spread of over 75 inches.

Naef reportedly shot the bull near Dawson City, Yukon, a town along the Yukon River just east of the Alaska border.

“This would be good for the Yukon to have this in our possession again,” Naef told the Whitehorse Star.

Naef set up about 300 yards off the river to call and soon heard the bull thrashing a tree. He snuck closer and kept calling to the bull, which soon grunted back.

“I knew I had him, because at that point they are committed,” he told the paper.

Naef shot the bull three times with his British .303 and dropped him in the brush near the Yukon River. It had an estimated weight of 1,250 pounds. The bull will be officially scored in early December, according to the newspaper.

Unlike many hunters who take potential world record animals, Naef, a self-proclaimed meat hunter, isn’t locking his trophy away.

“If you ask me what am I going to do with it, my house is too small,” he told the paper.

“If it happens to be the world record, then I would like to have it somewhere where a lot of people could see it.”

Stay tuned as we try to track down more details on this potential world-record moose.