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Survival Gear Review: The myID Bracelet

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Perhaps you or someone you know wears a Medic Alert bracelet. This can deliver a few words of life saving information to first responders in the event of a medical emergency, but it doesn’t have enough room to get into the details of a person’s medical history.

That’s where the new personal identification bracelet, myID, from ENDEVR comes in. This adjustable band can be scanned by a first responder to let them see your medical profile, which can include special medical needs, allergy information, and any other info you choose to include in your self-managed profile. You could wear this all the time, or you could keep in in your Bug Out Bag, in case things get ugly.

Who’s this bracelet for? Well, it could be for anyone really. The fully adjustable band can be cut to fit man, woman or child. Parents could put these on their children, especially if a child has medical or allergy issues. Active folks and outdoor enthusiasts are a great fit, too. Those of us who are getting past middle age could certainly benefit from the band.

Setting up your profile is pretty simple. Once you receive your bracelet, you go to the myID website and enter the unique ID and PIN numbers that come with your band, and then proceed to offer up as much info as you’d like to be stored in the bracelet. My favorite thing about the myID is its durability. It’s designed to last for years, and since there are no electronics involved, you can swim, shower, or even go on a mud run with this band in place.