The FLIR One Pro for iPhones is on Sale During Prime Day 2022

The FLIR One Pro is heavily discounted during Prime Day

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FLIR thermal imaging is useful for everything from blood trailing to finding hogs and predators at night. In those roles, thermal technology is a major advantage. It’s also majorly expensive, but during Prime Day 2022 you can get the FLIR ONE Pro for iOS for just over 40 percent off. The sale drops the price down to about $255, which is a fraction of the price of most thermal units.

  FLIR ONE Pro for iOS

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The FLIR One Pro is a thermal device that works with your iPhone to display thermal imaging on your screen. You can capture the images or record videos. This handheld device is a great entry into the world of thermal and for under $300 it’s a great deal. 

If you’re looking for a stand-alone-unit, check out the FLIR C5. It’s a thermal imaging camera that is ideal for close-range heat detection.

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