The Gould Brothers Just Set a Clay-Target World Record with Federal TSS

A 180-yard shot with TSS breaks the previous clay-target world-record set by the brothers two years ago
Federal TSS crushes world-record.
The Gould brothers set another clay-pigeon record. Federal

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In 2019, the Gould Brothers broke George Digweed’s clay-pigeon world record by 30 yards, shooting out to 160 yards. Well, they just did it again this week—twice. The first break came at 170 yards, and then a few moments later, they stepped back 10 yards to 180 and broke another target. The brothers used Federal’s 12-gauge TSS turkey loads paired with a Browning Maxus that was fitted with what looked to be an aftermarket improved modified choke tube. Last time the Gould’s broke the record, they used a red-dot site to do it, but this time they just relied on a front bead sight.

And just a disclaimer: shooting out to 180 yards is impressive, but don’t ever try it on wild birds. It’s completely unethical.