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Gun of the Week: Ruger Semi-Automatic Pistol, 1 of 5,000

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Many people associate the Cody Firearms Museum with Winchester, but we also have a long history with Sturm, Ruger, & Co. In fact, we changed our name from the Winchester Arms Museum to the Cody Firearms Museum as a direct result of efforts from William B. Ruger, Sr.

We have a large Ruger collection at the museum, including many personal firearms from the Ruger family. This Ruger Standard Model Pistol, “1 of 5000” belonged to Mr. Ruger himself. Made in 1982, this .22 caliber pistol’s intricate decorations include ivory grip plates, a magazine base inlaid with jade within silver mounts, and a chiseled stainless steel barrel, receiver, and frame. It was completed by gun engraver Paul Lantuch, who based his designs on those of Jean Berain. The pistol even bears the symbols for William B. Ruger’s yacht, “TITAN.”

The Cody Firearms Museum is happy to display firearms from so many legends in the firearms industry’s alongside the guns that made their companies famous.

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