New Rangefinder: SIG KILO2400ABS

Andrew McKean Avatar

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We were having trouble determining the distance of a lone power pole in the desert. Shimmering heat waves, the visual clutter of the arid landscape, and the thinness of the object itself frustrated our efforts. It didn’t help that the power pole was nearly a mile away.

I was using SIG’s newest rangefinder, the KILO2400ABS (Buy It Now), and it turns out I was using it all wrong. I was stabbing the ranging button. Instead, I should have been holding down the button and panning across the power pole. Sure enough, that tactic worked, and the precise range, repeated every time, showed on the digital display: 2,122 yards.

The coolest thing about this rangefinder is its internal programing. It features what Sig calls “embedded applied ballistics calculator and Bluetooth for synchronizing with a free applied ballistics app.” In plain terms, this means the the rangefinder works with a smartphone app that will give you hold-over data. Plug in the required ballistics and weather data in the app, range a target, and the app automatically spits back your hold over. No math required. You can enter multiple gun profiles for all of your (and your hunting buddy’s) favorite rifles. The app is available for both IOS and Android platforms.

The rangefinder comes in a kit with all the items listed in the video above. It will retail for about $1,500. Unlike most other rangefinders on the market, it’s made in the USA.