Hot Shot: Julie Golob

When it comes to shooting, Julie Goloski has done it all. She has been competing in action shooting since she was 14 and has won almost every title there is to win. She is the first and only United States Practical Shooting Association Ladies National Champion in Five Divisions.
She currently shoots for Smith and Wesson and is the captain of her team.
Julie's sport involves realistic shooting scenarios that are judged on both accuracy and time.
Here favorite events are USPSA competitions, which are fast paced and feature drawing from the holster, shooting from different positions, running, shooting on the move, reloading and engaging paper and steel targets, Julie says.
"USPSA features courses of fire that constantly change and in a major event like the nationals you'll have anywhere from 12-20 different stages. Some stages have your running from several different positions, shooting through windows and doorways and even at moving targets. You get just a few minutes to figure out how you want to tackle the stage and come up with a plan," she says.
Julie doesn't only shoot pistols. She's also competed in sporting clays and multi-gun events.
As a Montana resident, Julie lives in a hunter's paradise. As you can tell from this photo, her aim is equally good with a big-game rifle.
Her shooting and hunting career started just like that of most kids: she was introduced to the sports by her father.
From the start she showed promise at the shooting range, and by her junior year in high school she was recruited for the U.S. Army action pistol team.
She joined the Army right after high school. During her eight years competing for the army she turned from child prodigy to a bonafide star in the sport.
"You live and breathe to represent the Army as a champion," Julie says. "I sent a lot of bullets down range [while shooting for the Army]."
In 1999 Julie was named the Army's Female Athlete of the Year. It was the first time the honor had ever been given to an action shooter.
Now Julie is working on a book about how to get started in action shooting. She says that there are a lot of people who would enjoy shooting sports if they knew how to get started, but they get intimidated by all of the different events, rules and types of guns.
Her book, which is set to be released in October, would hopefully remedy this problem.
For more information about Julie and action shooting, visit her website at

To welcome in SHOT Show week, OL takes a look at the career of Julie Golob, one of the best action shooters in the world. She's a pretty good hunter too.