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CZ TS 2 Racing Green Review: This Is a Race Gun That Will Make You Smile

This new target pistol from CZ is competition ready, but anyone with a trigger finger will enjoy shooting it
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CZ TS 2 Racing Green 9mm
The CZ TS 2 Racing Green is a purpose-built race gun. Bill Buckley

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The CZ TS 2 is the latest in a line of recognizable race guns from CZ. The TS 2 is rooted in the Tactical Sport model, and shares some of the shapes and ergonomics of the CZ Shadow and CZ 75 series. The Racing Green model that we received for Outdoor Life’s review of the best handguns of 2022 includes a couple additional features that make it a ready-to-go race gun.

Out of the box, it’s set up for either the IPSC Standard division or USPSA Limited division. It features a long sight radius, adjustable rear sight, and a healthy-sized magwell. The package includes a padded case and three 20-round magazines with green baseplates that match the Racing Green aluminum grip panels.

The CZ TS 2 looks distinctly “CZ” and might even be confused with some of their previous models. The CZ race gun “look” transcends several of their lines and one of the common characteristics is a relatively deep frame and a low-sitting slide. The characteristic grip shape sweeps forward at the top of the backstrap creating a humped-looking profile, and most of them feature a pronounced beavertail that the shooter can choke up on. Roomy trigger-guards and similar controls are also found on many of CZ’s older pistol lines.

Although the TS 2 might look like a CZ Shadow or 75, many of the features have been upgraded to make the pistol even more shootable. Design changes have been made to the frame, and controls have been up-sized and optimized for speed and ease-of use.  It’s a pistol that you could pull from the case, drop in your holster, and be ready to compete.

CZ TS 2 Specs

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  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Capacity: 20 +1 rounds
  • Barrel: 5.23 inches
  • Dimensions: 8.86 inches (L) x 5.86 inches (H) x 1.93 inches (W)
  • Weight: 49 ounces
  • Frame: Steel
  • Finish: black
  • Grip: Aluminum grip plates, green
  • Sights: Fiber-optic front, HAJO rear
  • Trigger: single-action, 2 pounds, 2 ounces (measured)
  • Safety: Thumb activated, ambidextrous, left side extended
  • Price: $2055

Fit and Feel of the CZ TS 2 Racing Green

The CZ TS 2 is a pistol that begs to be shot—and shot fast. The pistol is secure in the hand and comfortable to hold. With a fully loaded magazine it weighs nearly four pounds—weight enough to smooth out even the harshest-flipping 9mm.

The aggressive checkering on the front and back of the frame—as well as the aluminum grip plates—provides some serious traction without being too abrasive or uncomfortable to shoot.

Even when my hands were covered in sunscreen, sweat, and powder fouling, the gun proved utterly easy and intuitive to handle and maintain grip.

Upgraded Controls of the CZ TS 2 Racing Green

The controls of the CZ TS 2 Racing Green are designed for gamers—and are the primary upgrade from the standard TS 2 models. They’re designed to make the pistol easier to manipulate, shoot, and reload rapidly. Some features are ambidextrous, or could be modified for left-handed shooters, but as it comes, it’s set up for right-handed use.

The safety is technically ambidextrous but has a much larger wing on the left side of the gun. The left side of the safety lever extends dramatically out from the frame—forming somewhat of a small shelf. The safety switch itself is very tactile, but the extended switch doubles as an indexing and leveraging surface for the right-hand thumb when fired right-handed.

The slide stop lever is also slightly extended and has a squared-off profile that makes it easier to get ahold of. The standard CZ TS 2 has a slide stop with a lower profile. On the Racing Green model, the slide stop lever is designed to be depressed with the support hand. Many shooters are accustomed to operating it with the strong-hand thumb, but due to its location and the oversized safety switch, the shooter would have to break grip to reach it.

Race gun controls on the CZ TS 2 Racing Green
The oversized controls and thumb rest make the TS 2 Racing Green easier to shoot and reload quickly. Bill Buckley

Another upgrade that the CZ TS 2 Racing Green model has is a substantial Gas Pedal-style thumb rest. This is a more-traditional race gun-style thumb rest that provides both a tactile index-point for the support-hand thumb and a surface on which to leverage against muzzle flip. The thumb rest is only stock on the Racing Green model and the standard CZ TS 2 frame would require some machining to attach it.

The last distinguishing control-upgrade on the Racing Green model is a green over-sized magazine catch button. The Standard CZ TS 2 sports a more-traditional sized magazine catch button, and the Racing Green model’s button is exaggerated and oversized for fast and easy activation. Despite being large and conspicuous, none of the members of the test team noted that it was easily activated on accident—as oversized mag catch buttons sometimes can be.

The CZ TS 2 Racing Green Is Purpose-Built

The CZ TS 2 Racing Green model isn’t what you’d consider a versatile pistol. It’s designed to pack ammo and clean stages. Its oversized controls would make it a burden to use as any kind of practical carry gun. The standard TS 2 is more flexible, but the Racing Green model is pure sport.

With a lack of versatility comes increased advantages in its specialty. Along with oversized controls, the design of the CZ TS 2 frame and slide aid in recoil management and aid with faster, more-accurate shooting. CZ’s competition guns are known for having a bore-axis that is low, and they don’t have much slide sticking above the frame. This low bore-axis helps manage recoil, but the TS 2’s frame and slide design focus the weight of the slide as low as possible to make it even better. The higher the center-of-mass of the slide is, the harder it is to counter the flip of the muzzle as the slide is driven rearward.

Green aluminum grip scales on the CZ TS 2 Racing Green
The TS 2 Racing Green has textured green aluminum grip scales and a nice magwell. Bill Buckley

The CZ TS 2 Racing Green on the Range

The Outdoor Life test team was able to fire a ton of ammunition through the CZ TS 2 Racing Green at Gunsite Academy and it was hands-down the most enjoyable pistol to shoot of the entire test. The TS 2 rarely got a break, and our team was constantly jockeying for another chance to shoot it.

Everything about shooting the CZ TS 2 Racing Green was pure joy. The pistol cycled flawlessly for us, using a variety of ammunition including 115-grain FMJ from U.S. Cartridge and Federal Premium Syntech, as well as heavier defensive-type loads like the 147-grain Nosler ASP jacketed hollow points and Hornady Black 124-grain XTP. During the test, we fired north of 500 rounds of ammo through the TS 2 without so much as a hiccup.

The trigger of the CZ TS 2 is another attribute that really makes it a sweetheart to shoot. Being hammer-fired, the trigger pull is inherently more-apt to be crisp, but the adjustable trigger on ours came set at 2 pounds, 2 ounces, with a short, clear reset. The trigger is so nice on the TS 2 that it’s easy to accidentally bump a second shot when trying to catch the reset—especially if you’re coming off shooting a striker-fired pistol. Once you’re spun up on it, the trigger offers exceptionally precise control at a rapid pace.

Shooting CZ TS 2 RG
Flat-shooting with a great trigger, the TS 2 is a joy to shoot. Tanner Denton

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In practice, the TS 2 Racing Green pistol’s grip and recoil-mitigating controls and design make it a true bullet hose. The long sight radius and great trigger aid the pistol’s accuracy, but recoil management is where it really shines. Even in sustained rapid fire, the gun is very soft-shooting and it feels like the front sight never even comes off-target during recoil. We used it to sweep through plate racks and two of us hit 4 of 7 targets on Gunsite’s Scrambler course—which is intended for rifles and features targets at ranges from 75 to 150 yards.

What the CZ TS 2 Racing Green Does Well

The CZ TS 2 Racing Green is a fantastic out-of-the-box competition gun. It’s compatible with many CZ TS accessories but comes ready to be strapped onto a gun belt. It’s attractive, comfortable, and pure pleasure to shoot.

Where the CZ TS 2 Racing Green Is Lacking

The CZ TS 2 Racing Green isn’t very versatile, but that’s a byproduct of its specialization. The only thing we’d really like to see as part of the package are extended baseplates on the magazines. For a competition-ready gun, they could squeeze in more.

Final Thoughts on the CZ TS 2 Racing Green

As a match-ready package, the CZ TS 2 Racing Green is a solid pick for both beginning and experienced target shooters. It’s a pure joy to shoot, and a good value for even the hobby target shooter.