Lucky Dog

Lucky coyote

Daniel and Tevyn East were driving from Colorado to California in October when their car hit a coyote. Assuming that the dog was dead, they continued on their way until they realized, eight hours later, that the coyote was still very much alive and very much stuck in their car's grill.
Volunteers for California's Wildlife Rehabilitation and Release, took the vehicle's front end apart, snatched the animal with a catch pole and took it "home" for observation.
Amazingly, it seemed to suffer no serious injuries--even after being hit at 75 mph and driving 600 miles in the grill.

Lucky coyote

Sadly, from a deer's perspective, it escaped from its kennel and into the wilds of northern California.

Love 'em or hate 'em (and we basically don't like them even a little bit), you've got to appreciate this coyote's tenacity for survival.