BEST IN SHOW: Bowhunting Editor Todd Kuhn picks his favorite new bowhunting products of the year. Check back periodically for new photos. Click here to see Video from Day 1 of the 2010 Bow Show >> Click here to see Video from Day 2 of the 2010 Bow Show>>.
Bow Tech Destroyer BowTech enters 2010 with their newest bow―The Destroyer 350. The “350” designator representing the AMO speed rating of 350fps. Several new technologies are being used by the Destroyer to provide shooters with a fast, as well as forgiving shooter. The Over Drive Binary cam system attaches a 100% tunable split buss cable harness to the ends of a cam synchronizing axle. Cam stability is maximized while maintaining perfect synchronization for accuracy and comfortable draw cycle. Hard Core Limbs are laminated using high modulus carbon at their core. On typical limbs, most of the bow’s energy is stored near the outside of the limb, while the core stores minimal energy and serves as little more than a spacer. Hard Core Limbs put the core to work, storing energy not only near the surfaces, but inside the limb. The FLX-Guard cable containment system addresses the tuning effects of extreme cable tension and inflexible cable guards found on today’s bows. As the bow is drawn, the FLX-Guard responds by flexing inward, absorbing much of the cable guard torque that would have otherwise been transferred to the riser. The result is substantial reduction in lateral nock travel, yielding a real advancement in tune-ability, forgiveness and accuracy. Finish options on the Destroyer bows include RealTree Hardwoods HD and Black Ops, along with several other options. ($949;; 541-284-4711)
Magic Stop Targets Monster The Monster Target from Magic Stop is designed specifically for use with super fast compounds and crossbows. The Monster is camo clad in Mathews Lost camo and has various aim points displayed on its 6 sides. Optional faces are available with varying designs. The Monster can be used with both field points as well as broadheads. ($99.99;; 800-992-5972)
Norway Industries Fusion Vane Following the success of their 2″ Fusion Vane last year, Norway introduces their 3″ version. The 3″ Fusion vane is a blend of new shape geometry and material technology―designed to offer optimal aerodynamic steering capability and unprecedented arrow flight. The new shape is similar to a traditional shield cut, the modified silhouette increases the surface area of the vanes anatomy, which minimizes cross wind interference while also maximizing arrow flight and stabilization. The Fusion namesake promotes the revolutionary process where two distinctly different proprietary polymers are combined to create the base and blade of the vane is also exercised in the 3.0″ version’s production. The clear base and colored blade polymers are “fused” together during the manufacturing process offering a stiffer and more durable structure with a distinct texture and a slight taper from base to top. ($11.56/36-pak;; 800-778-4755)
Opti-Logic Micro I Rangefinder The Micro I rangefinder is a culmination of many years of development. The Micro I measures a petite 3 ¼” X 2 ½” X 1 3/8″. Designed specifically for the bow hunter, the Micro I is arguably the best low light rangefinder on the market. An internal red dot aiming system is easy and straightforward and the no magnification lens offers a monstrous eye relief. A single CR123 battery powers the adaptable Micro I while three easily selected ranging modes are available with simple one-touch operation: yardage, meters and ballistic compensation. Each ranging mode is displayed on the backside of the unit by a vivid-green LED light. The waterproof and shock-resistant Micro I sports a rubber-coated, with a velvet-like finish, which offers durability that will withstand years of hard hunting. The vertical orientation of the Micro I is easily cradled in even the smallest of hands and at less than 7 ounces. The Micro I carries a full two-year warranty. ($399;; 888-678-4564)
Prois Hunting Apparel Women’s Ultra Hoodie Prois caters exclusively to the female hunters and outdoors woman. Their new ultra hoodie wicks moisture away from your skin through the fabric — keeping you warm and dry. This hoodie is as versatile and it is durable, as it’s perfect to wear alone while on a spring turkey hunt or layered under a Prois vest or jacket when chilly weather rolls in. They are available in RealTree AP HD® or Advantage Max-1 HD®. The Prois Ultra Hoodie is ultra soft and snag resistant and comes in a wide range of sizes from XS through XL, to provide a perfect fit for hunters of any size. ($69.99; 970-641-3355;

SKB Case

SKB Hunter Series Bow Case High end bow case SKB enters the mid-priced bow case market with the introduction of the Hunter Series. The exterior is molded of rugged ABS with structural ribs to provide security for precious cargo. The interior is lined with a plush material with a water-cut dense foam arrow system and with strategically placed inserts in the lid to protect against crushing. The interior cavity measures 39″ long by 15″ wide and 6″ high. The Hunter is designed to fit most popular parallel limb bows. A five year warranty against manufacturing defects is included. ($119.99;; 800-654-5992)
Ten Point Turbo XLT Crossbow The Turbo XLT evolved from Ten Point’s premium CLS or Compact Limb System models. The XLT or Xtreme Limb Technology designs most noticeable feature is a radically compact bow assembly, which spans a mere 13.5-inch from axle to axle when cocked. The Turbo XLT’s riser is lighter with acutely angled limb pockets and is fitted with 11-inch ISO Taper limbs. The Turbo XLT is fitted with high-performance MR Cams and Ultra-Cam string and cables with tunable yokes. This sleek and maneuverable 180-pound draw weight power plant delivers a relatively heavy 420-grain arrow at 315 fps while generating 92.5 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. Combining the lightweight riser and foot stirrup with shorter limbs, along with a lightweight molded Vertron stock and barrel assembly, allows the crossbow to weigh in at a very comfortable 7 lbs. 11 oz. Like all Ten Point models, the Turbo XLT features the patented DFI (dry-fire inhibitor) and 3-1/2 pound Power Touch 10 trigger. ($999 w/AcuDraw;; 330-628-9245)
Tink’s Vanish Odor Elimination If a deer is headed in your direction, you can be sure their nose is leading the way. It’s been estimated that a whitetail’s sense of smell is 20-times more powerful than a human’s. Tink’s new Vanish Odor Elimination line utilizes proven and patented scientific technology to eliminate human-related odors. This technology is based on an extended European research and development project dedicated to bacterial control for use in hospitals and food factories. The Vanish line includes Hair & Body Soap, Odor Eliminator Spray, Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Odor Eliminating Field Wipes, Odorless Hand Sanitizer Foam and Carbon Bag Odor Protection for your gear. (Pricing varies by product;; 800-624-5988)
Double Take Archery Transition Peep The search for a peep that works in low light conditions has been long. The Transition Peep is made of a photo chromic material that self adjusts its tint level according to available light (just like the prescription sunglasses). The Transition peep darkens during bright daylight and turns almost clear in low light conditions allowing the most available light from the target to reach your eye, so you no longer have to worry about your peep being too dark in low light conditions. ($11.99;; 210-722-3484)
T.R.U. Ball Assassin SST Release Aid The Assassin’s smaller head, jaws, and trigger make for a compact release package. Dual caliper jaws are engineered to fit D-loops or bowstrings perfectly. The ergonomic, straight-out trigger allows the bowhunter to slide his finger down the side of the housing using back tension for a steady, punch-free shot. A fold-away solid head connection can tuck into the sleeve when not in use or can be ready for use at a moment’s notice. Draw length adjustments are easy with two screws that securely fasten into one of five positions. The Assassin SST features a stainless steel trigger and jaws for a crisper trigger. Available in black or camouflage anodized head. Archers can also choose between a black leather buckle strap and a camouflage Velcro strap.
New Archery Products Apache Arrow Rest The New Archery Products Apache is a simple, rugged and reliable operation all in one rest. The Apache sets up easily and the “tool-less” adjustments are simple, precise and ultra convenient. The Apache features rugged, precision aluminum component construction throughout for toughness and durability. The self centering felt covered launcher action is quiet and reliable with a sound deadening capture feature and total fletching clearance. The Apache operates quietly while providing full arrow containment. ($59.99;; 800-323-1279)
Carbon Express X-Force 850 Crossbow Carbon Force enters the crossbow market in a big way for 2010. The X-Force 85 features a compact bull-pup trigger design and CNC machined aluminum riser that delivers superior speed and penetration for greater knock down power. With a parallel limb design and fully machined aluminum alloy barrel, the X-Force 850 delivers bolt speeds of 350 ft/sec. An adjustable arrow retaining spring and an ambidextrous safety lever, for safe reliable performance are standard. The Crossbow Package includes a universal 7/8″ weaver style scope mount and 4 x 32 scope with rings and a Husky Pro adjustable angle quiver. The synthetic stock is finished in Mossy Oak Break-Up finish. The X-Force 850 Pro comes complete with three 22″ Surge arrows, practice points and rail lubricant. ($649.99/kit;; 800-241-4833)
Wildlife Research Center Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Kit The Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Kit is designed to create a realistic mock scrape to attract deer in two simple steps. Step one is to use the Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Conditioner which removes unwanted odors from the mock scrape and adds a fresh scraped earth smell, just like a real scrape. The second step is to use the Hot-Scrape Scrape Activator which activates the mock scrape by adding a complex combination of odors found in a real scrape. The natural odors include buck smells, doe smells and other key elements found in natural scrapes. The Hot-Scrape Mock Scrape Kit includes a 24 oz. Mock Scrape Conditioner high output trigger spray bottle for fast and easy application as well as an 8 oz. Scrape Activator™ squirt top bottle to apply the long lasting scrape scent formula to your mock scrape. ($19.99;; 800-873-5873)
Walker’s Hybrid Duo Walker’s introduces their new Hybrid Duo completely-in-canal hearing enhancements. The Hybrid Duo is a pair of state-of-the-art hearing enhancement/hearing protection digital units that delivers unrivaled crystal clear sound in a miniaturized format. The compact design of the Hybrid Duo fits comfortably in your ear with only the faceplate visible. Six channels combined with a 16 bit graphic equalizer, environmental noise suppressor and noise canceling algorithms provide the user with enhanced hearing while out in the field. Four different listening modes are programmed for a variety of complex listening environments. The Hybrid Duo is equipped with an easy-to-use volume control with mid setting audio beep for fast calibration. The unit can be worn in quiet or normal listening environments and has a vented foam tip for comfort. In louder environments, when worn with the soft foam tip, the Hybrid provides a 22dB Noise Reduction Rating. ($899.95;; 877-269-8490)
TruGlo Denali Chrono Watch The Denali contains self-powered tritium light sources that are the brightest available. The Tritium sources are the same proven technology used by TRUGLO in its award winning handgun, rifle and archery sights. There is no need for batteries or a light to charge it. The Denali is an advanced timepiece that was built to tackle the roughest of outdoor activities. Water resistant up to 50 meters, the Denali Chrono is available with a black stainless steel case (TG31020) or as a three hand with a black stainless steel case (TG30020). The Denali Chronograph or three-hand watches feature the tri-color Swiss tritium illumination and have a large orange tritium at 12 o’clock, ice blue tritium at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock and a green tritium that illuminates the hands. With its Swiss made multi-jeweled precision quartz movement, a date indicator, and rich leather band for tactical wear this watch will surely stand the test of time. (Denali Chrono $379.99;; 972-774-0300)
TruGlo Carbon XS Sight The Carbon XS is manufactured from carbon and is extremely lightweight at a mere 3.5 ounces. It is coated with Tru Touch, a soft-feel technical coating that promises to eliminate any extra noise and reflection in the field. TRUGLO’s all-new Tru-Flo fiber design offers extra long, fully protected fibers that provide optimum light absorption and transmittal to the pin ends. The Carbon XS has an effective aperture of 1.8″ inner diameter and a large circular field of view allowing the hunter the viewing luxury of watching his game to the final shot. The glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring is easy to acquire and bright under low-light conditions. A level helps archers keep from canting or torquing their bow during draw. The all new Carbon XS archery sight is available in black (TG5704B) and Realtree™ APG HD camo (TG5704C). ($29-49/ camo dependent;; 888-8-TRUGLO)
Mid-Atlantic Archery Products Tri-Van Contour Last year MAAP shocked the archery industry with their introduction of the Tri-Van Vanishing Arrow Rest. For 2010 Mid-Atlantic expands their Tri-Van rest lineup with the addition of the new Contour arrow rest. The Contour utilizes three, all metal brush arms to contain the arrow during the entire shot cycle. The Contour nestles the arrow safely until the shot is made. Upon release, the Contour offers up to 92% less friction than popular bristle style arrow rests. The Vibra-Shield totally encases the arrow rest, keeping vibration to a minimum. Adjustable to fit any size arrow diameter, the Contour fits right or left-handed bows.($49.95;; 410-658-9660)
Stealth Cam UNIT Infrared Digital Zoom Video Recorder The Unit from Stealth Cam is a micro-sized trail camera that’s easily concealed in the woods. It diminutive size also makes packing it in and out of the woods a cinch. The Unit has a video compression circuit that compresses video more effectively than ever before providing greater flexibility with a variety of network environments. Video output is 640 x 480 with audio and recording 10-180 seconds of footage allowing for animals to be seen and heard. Digital video stamping allows user to time code video with time, date, temperature, and moon phase. 8 megapixel still images provide clear photos on a single 16GB SD card. 38 infrared emitters provide illumination for night shots. An icon based programming screen makes setup and use simple. The Unit operated on eight “AA” batteries. ($199; ;877-269-8490)
Buck Bomb Scrape Tape Building on the incredible success of their Buck Bomb aerosol products―Buck Bomb introduces their Scrape Tape. Oddly enough, Scrape Tape is one of those truly innovative and completely new ideas that rarely come along. Individually molded strips of scent-free plastic are impregnated with fluorescing optical dyes and ultra-violet (UV) brighteners that emit a blue-white glow that is only visible to deer. A patent-pending proprietary synthetic blend of pre-orbital gland secretions and other man-made components are then injected into the Scrape Tape strips. Each Scrape Tape is individually vacuum-packed for freshness. Once in the woods, simply hang strip at your favorite location. Deer are attracted through vision, curiosity and scent. Deer come to the Scrape Tape and lick it, rub their foreheads on it, and make scrapes under it year round. It’s impressive stuff. ($19.95/3-pak;; 877-993-4868)
Hoyt Carbon Matrix Many bow manufacturers have tried to perfect the carbon bow riser―arguably, none have succeeded. Hoyt’s new Carbon Matrix is the latest attempt at the perfect riser. The Carbon Matrix is Hoyt’s lightest bow ever. The high-tech, hollow carbon tube riser features strategically crafted carbon tubes that yield new standards of lightweight design, vibration reduction, shootability and precision. At 35″ axle-to-axle and 3.8-pounds, the Carbon Matrix has the stability of a longer axle-to-axle bow, but with the super light mass weight of a much shorter bow. Yet, with all of this innovation and ground-breaking performance, the Carbon Matrix shares the same legendary durability standards as all Hoyt bows. ($1499;; 801-363-2990) Click here to see Video from Day 1 of the 2010 Bow Show >>
Carbon Express Mayhem Arrows The Mayhem incorporates 360-degree weave technology that promises exceptionally consistent spine without adding extra weight to the shaft. Bulldog nock collars (a Carbon Express exclusive) are standard helping stave off aft arrow damage during practice sessions when groups get bunched in the target. Bohning Blazers or Norway Fusion Vanes are factory installed and straightness is maintained at +/- .0035 and weight remains consistent to +/- 1 grain. (Hunter with Blazer Vanes $139.99/doz.;; 800-241-4833)
** Gold Tip Velocity The newest arrow shaft from Gold Tip is advertised as a full 28-grains lighter than comparable competitors carbon shafts. These 28-grains translates into up to 15-fps faster arrow speeds. Gold Tip claims the newest offerings retain consistent spine. The Gold Tip Velocity arrow is made from C6 carbon and promises to be the toughest arrows available. The Velocity Pro is available in .001″ straightness with weight variations limited to +/- 0.5 grains. Available in three spines: 300, 400 and 500. The Pro MSRP is $129.99/dozen (shafts only) XT’s $89.9/dozen (shafts only) and Hunters $69/dozen (shafts only). (; 800-551-0541) **
Hips Targets X2 Series Target Hips Targets has been building targets for over four decades. Their endurance foam is the core to their target making success. For the New Year, they introduce the X2 Series for both field points and broadheads. The target faces are adorned with an amazing 150 aiming points―enough to keep an archer entertained during long practice sessions. The solid foam block design allows for easy arrow extraction and is self healing. Horizontal and vertical lines are also included on the target faces to ease in tuning chores. ($89;; 210-492-8774)
Opti-Logic Micro I Rangefinder The Micro I rangefinder is a culmination of many years of development. The Micro I measures a petite 3 ¼” X 2 ½” X 1 3/8″. Designed specifically for the bow hunter, the Micro I is arguably the best low light rangefinder on the market. An internal red dot aiming system is easy and straightforward and the no magnification lens offers a monstrous eye relief. A single CR123 battery powers the adaptable Micro I while three easily selected ranging modes are available with simple one-touch operation: yardage, meters and ballistic compensation. Each ranging mode is displayed on the backside of the unit by a vivid-green LED light. The waterproof and shock-resistant Micro I sports a rubber-coated, with a velvet-like finish, which offers durability that will withstand years of hard hunting. The vertical orientation of the Micro I is easily cradled in even the smallest of hands and at less than 7 ounces. The Micro I carries a full two-year warranty. ($399;; 888-678-4564)
Rinehart Rhinoblock Target The Rhinoblock is a versatile target sporting six unique sides to shoot―ideal for every type of practice. Two sides of the cube display a textured, life-like 3-D deer target zone — one displaying outlined vital areas of a deer, and the other detailing an anatomically correct display of a deer’s organs. The other four faces of the target are comprised of Rinehartʼs signature, highly visible target zones — allowing shooters to continue target practice even in low light conditions. Two of these sides consist of twelve smaller zones for consistent arrow shooting and placement, while the final two sides feature one large target zone for honing, surrounded by four smaller zones. Unlike any other cube-shaped target on the market, with the Rinehart RhinoBlock, bowhunters no longer have to worry about shooting out their favorite target, as its core is easy to replace with Rinehart’s patented locking insert. ($149; 608-757-8153;
Spot-Hogg Bulletproof Sight Anyone who has ever hunted using a fiber optic sight pin has broken one for time to time. The ever so inventive folks over at Spot-Hogg have a solution for this common archery problem. The Bulletproof .019″ pin fibers are encased in a solid piece of aluminum for zero exposure to the elements that cause traditional pins with fibers to break as you are pushing your way through brush. Solid aluminum construction with over 4.5-inches of vertical adjustment, right or left hand capable and a lifetime warranty completes this virtually indestructible sight offering. ($89.99;; 541-995-3702)
Tarantula T2 Quiver The new lineup of T2 quivers from Tarantula promise lightweight performance combined with a comfortable design. The T400 System features a tubeless arrow cap, Allen wrench case, release bag, bow hook, fanny pack and padded form fitting belt. The quiver is compact and comfortable for those long days on the 3D tournament trail. ($99;; 801-562-8712)
Campbell Video Editor The annual Campbell Outdoor Challenge has become wildly popular in the past few years. Using the new Campbell Outdoor Challenge Video Editor software, any hunter can now produce a professional looking hunt video. The Campbell Video Editor is an inductor-level editing software package designed to step novice video production folks through the video editing experience. Once this software suite has been mastered, upgraded versions can be purchases with additional, more advanced editing capabilities. ($129.99;; 877-384-3337)
Ameristep Crossbones Crossbow Ground Blind The new Crossbones hub-style ground blind was designed specifically for the crossbow hunter. An outer shell of tough Durashell Plus fabric eliminates excess noise and is weatherproof and wear-resistant. A window bench and hanging cradle rest system provide multiple rest options to help steady your crossbow shot. Interior amenities include crossbow holder and windows designed for shooting at exaggerated downward angles with no obstructions. Camo zippered window design allows for multiple window configurations. Offered in Realtree AP HD camo, the blind measures 71″ shooting width x 62″ tall and weighs 16 lbs. ($199; 810- 686-4035;

BEST IN SHOW: Bowhunting Editor Todd Kuhn picks his favorite new bowhunting products of the year. Updated with Photos and Video.