Best Shooters: Aaron Otto

Aaron Otto's introduction to outdoor photography was anything but typical. He was working at a fly shop when his boss secretly submitted some of his writings to a fly fishing magazine. Otto and his boss made a bet that if the magazine decided to publish Otto's work, he would buy a camera and start taking photos.
Otto's boss won the bet, so Otto got a camera and started shooting. Since then he has become an up-and-comer on the outdoor photography scene and in only about five years has taken photos for several national hunting and fishing magazines and almost every fly fishing magazine in the country.
"I like to shoot what I'm doing, and I like to live outside," Otto says.
Otto likes to push the envelope and capture the moment even in extreme situations.
His style of shooting has cost him plenty of wrecked camera gear, but it has also yielded some unforgettable shots. Enjoy his photos in our gallery and for more about Otto visit his website here.
For more of Aaron Otto's work visit his website here.

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