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New Archery Products Bloodrunner This uniquely designed broadhead promises field-point accuracy while delivering a large 1 1/2-inch cutting diameter. When closed, the Bloodrunner has a 1-inch flight profile. The deployable blades are .036" thick stainless steel and super-sharp. Available in 100-grain 3-packs. ($39.99;

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Ameristep Dream Season Blind This hub-style blind incorporates some very large vertical windows. Vertical orientation makes shots much easier than through traditional horizontal windows. An optional Brush Hog Quad Pod gets the hunter off the ground for elevated concealment. A convenient Scent Blocker backpack/gear bag makes packing this twenty-pounder an easy carry. ($479.99;
Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Dead Shot The new Dead Shot is completely encased in aluminum making it 300% stronger than previous biscuits. Windage adjustment, laser-engraved reference marks, custom rubber boots for silent arrow loading and universal right and left hand operation make this offering foolproof. ($69.99;
Carbon Express Nano-Pro Designed specifically for FITA, NAA and NFAA long-distance field shooting, the Nano-Pro is engineered with a light, yet very strong carbon fiber. The Nano-Pro recovers quickly out of the bow while delivering flat trajectory and superior down range accuracy. The diminutive flight signature eliminates nearly all cross-wind drift. ($350/dz. shafts; The annual Archery Trade Association (ATA) Trade Show kicks off at the Indiana Convention Center on January 8th and runs through the 10th. The ATA Show is the premier venue for manufacturers to introduce what's hot for the New Year and Outdoor Life will report daily on the hottest products introduced at the show.
GSM Cyclops Thor S250 This spot-light features an amazing 2.5 million candle power and is rechargeable. A 6-volt 55-watt quartz Halogen bulb provides the impressive beam. The Thor has a twenty-minute burn time and is powered by four 6-volt sealed lead acid batteries. An adjustable lever stand allows hands-free operation and the two position push button and release handle are handy. ($29.99;
Alpen Pink 263P 8×25 Compact Alpen Optics has teamed with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) with their introduction of the Alpen Pink 263P 8 x 25 compact binocular. A portion of the profits from each binocular sold goes to the NBCF to help focus on the cure for breast cancer. A wide 430-foot field of view, multi-coated BAK4 optics, carrying case, neck-strap lifetime warranty and a retail of $60 make these binoculars a clear choice for a great cause. ($60;
Delta Speed Bag Series Advances in bow technology continue, as do increases in arrow speeds from compounds and crossbows. However, it seems bag targets have yet to evolve into the super stoppers these hot bows require when on the range. The Delta Speed Bag Series promises new stopping power with it heavier outer bag shell and compact inner synthetic filler material. The result is a bag that is staunch on stops and promises long life. Available in three sizes; the Mini (20" x 20" x 8" $31.99), the Original Speed Bag (24" x 24" x 10" $43.99) and the XL (28" x 28" x 12" $54.99). (
Old Faithful Outdoors Buckmister The self-contained Buckmister scent dispenser can be programmed for days or even a month at a time. The Buckmister will even let the hunter know when it is time to replace the Buck Bomb scent canister. Unlike traditional programmable scent dispensers, the Buckmister allows for totally customized scent dispersal. Constructed of a durable plastic housing, this waterproof unit is built to withstand harsh conditions. ($69.95;
Mid-Atlantic Archery Tri-Van Vanishing Arrow Rest Bowhunters know there are only two choices in arrow rests– there's the drop-away style and their static rest counterparts. While drop-aways are great for speed and accuracy, they aren't so great for capturing a chattering arrow drawn by a buck-stricken hunter. Static capture rests are great for holding an arrow, but they make ugly work of vanes and severely compromise speed. This vanishing rest utilizes three radially retracting arms to hold the arrow during the draw-cycle. On release, these arms instantaneously vanish, leaving a friction-free path. This rest is the talk of the 2009 ATA Show. ($89.99;
TRU Ball Super Hornet The Super Hornet is a completely camouflaged release. The compact-design allows the release to remain tight to the hand or folded-away and tucked into a shirt sleeve. TRU Ball's legendary silent trigger design enables quick loading by pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting-up on the trigger to close. For tournament shooters, the Black Hornet is available with a flat black anodized head and rod and the archer's choice of a camouflage hook and loop or black leather strap. ($69.95;
Primos Baby Hoochie Cow calls are great for sucking trophy bull elk close. The Baby Hoochie produces sliding notes characteristic to cow elk that offer true-to-field impressions for archers. Another feature of the Baby Hoochie is its ability to replicate the sound of a juvenile elk and a mature cow simultaneously calling back-and-forth. When used in combination with the Primos Original Hoochie Mama, you can create herd talk that will tempt the toughest to call bulls into range. ($29.99;
Montana Decoy Kojo _The coyote Kojo decoy is a two-dimensional photo realistic decoy. The body is a high-quality print of an actual photo of the animal transferred onto a rugged cotton/polyester fabric. The image is printed on both sides for a realistic look no matter the direction the animal approaches. This decoy folds into an amazingly compact unit and is very lightweight―a nice amenity when every inch of backpack space is spoken for. _($69.95;
Precision Shooting Equipment TAC-15 Own an AR-15? Want to turn it into a tactical crossbow? Then the PSE TAC-15 is for you. The TAC-15 is an AR accessory. Utilizing any AR-15 lower receiver, simply attach the TAC-15 and you now have a tactical crossbow. Amazingly, the TAC-15 is capable of sending a 425-grain bolt blistering down range at a 412 feet-per-second. A free-floating fore-grip for accuracy and "rail-less" design make this machine a real shooter. Of all the new products at the show, this one stood out as the best engineered. ($1299.99;
Game Plan Gear CameraMan Pac A very unique twist on backpacks―the CameraMan Pack utilizes the features and functions of a professional camera case and morphs them with the durable convenience of a backpack. This pack is designed expressly for those hunters who enjoy videoing their hunts. The CameraMan is customizable with its movable interior dividers and is built with silent brushed-tricot weatherproof material with a PVC backing. Plush features include mesh interior organizers designed to capture and cradle all your most-coveted gear. This very thoughtful product will appeal to many hunters, as well as, camera people. ($149.95;
**Summit Raptor Series****** Summit's new Raptor Series hang-on style stands are sure to be a big hit in 2009. These lightweight (10-pounds) stands feature all-welded construction, making them a rock-solid platform from which to hunt. All-welded construction means these stands are quiet. Roomy platforms, comfortable seats and the single cable spreader set this hang-on out from a field of all-so-rands. The trick Talon Bracket System turns hanging these stands from chore to pleasure. Available in any number of configurations to custom fit your particular hunting style. ($129-$179;
Predator Xtinction Trail Camera It always amazes me at just how many trail cameras there are out there. It's dizzying. For me, they all get lost in a blur because, other than price, they all seem about the same. However, this new Predator Xtinction is different. A 3.5" touch screen is at the heart of this camera. Every function is operable from this easy-to-use screen. The Predator is capable of taking stills as well as video footage (5 burst pictures in under 5-seconds). A 4-week battery life on ten AA batteries, glass lenses cover, up to 4GB memory storage on either a thumb drive (jump drive) or compact flash card reader, built-in power jack for external 12-volt power supply, ½-second trigger and indestructible housing set this camera from the pack. ($449.99;

Here is a quick look at some of the newest bowhunting products poised to make a splash in the coming year.