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Roadkill Giant

All of us on the BBZ can relate to how you're feeling right now Jason, because no hunter likes to see a trophy buck like this bruiser end up as road kill.

As a deer hunter, it's gut wrenching to hear about a phenomenal whitetail buck meeting its demise by some form of freak accident. Unfortunately, every year many top-heavy titans across big buck country fall victim to vehicle collisions, disease, predation, or are simply found locked up dead from an intense rut-crazed battle.
All diehard whitetail junkies know what it takes for a mature buck to reach legendary status in the wild. This is exactly why it's so difficult for any of us to deal with tragic incidents that involve the death of any monster buck. However, it's really a sad day in the deerwoods when the buck you've spent so much time scouting becomes a hood ornament and reduced to road kill after an accidental collision. Sadly, an Ohio police officer and hunter named Jason Deaton can tell you exactly what it feels like to get gut punched during the middle of deer season with this depressing news.
On November 15th, Officer Deaton received a call on his night off from a fellow officer who was working a deer collision scene near the same area he had been seeing the giant buck.
You can bet the farm that Deaton's stomach dropped like the stock market when the location of the accident was revealed over the phone. As fate would have it, the massive 20-point buck that packed around 200 inches of antler was fatally hit while chasing a doe across the road.
The only good news for Deaton was the driver was only concerned with the damage to his car and did not want to claim the monster buck. In fact, Deaton was able to fill out a road kill tag and legally take procession of the deer.

A buck of a lifetime meets his fate–on an Ohio roadway.