3 Reasons to Get a Live Trap

Easy to use and an alternative solution for dealing with problem critters, cage traps are great for catching and releasing all sorts of small-game animals

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Not all trapping has to be for the fur trade. Live traps have a place around the home, in camp, and with the kids as well. From squirrels to possums, racoons, stray cats, and dogs, a live trap is a great way to quarantine unwanted or feral animals until you decide how best to handle them. But first, you have to catch them.

Pest Control

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In areas where you can’t discharge a “critter getter” or don’t want to use other means, live trapping is a great option for bringing all kinds of urban pests under control. If you don’t plan to dispatch your quarry, just be aware that relocation may not be an option. Check state laws pertaining to whatever species you are attempting to trap. If relocation is allowed, cart the animal to a remote area where it won’t end up raiding someone else’s dogfood bowls or trash bins.

Predator Control

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Anyone trying to reestablish wild native quail on their property will attest to the usefulness of a live trap. Baited with a can of sardines, a trap can catch everything from armadillos to raccoons, possums, and a host of other egg and nest marauders that can be dealt with systematically as part of an organized predator-control program.

Kid’s Fun

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Many an outdoorsman got their first up-close look at the natural world through live trapping backyard squirrels, rabbits, and other critters. Live traps are a great way to introduce kids to wildlife for observation and study.