Shoot Like You Mean It

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A civilian version of the CheyTac Intervention M200 in the .408 CheyTac caliber, a gun reputedly “known and feared throughout the world of Special Operations,” can now be yours. According to the company that makes the rifle, a Marine shooter set an all-distance, best-ever group with the military model in 2004 when he fired a 3-shot group that measured 16 5/8 inches (roughly the size of the vital zone of an elk) at a distance of 2,321 yards. The civilian version boasts a free-floating barrel, five-round detachable magazine, retractable stock, tactical bipod and an optional suppressor. It weighs more than 25 pounds, so don’t expect to tote one around in the woods. However, even if those fallen arches or a bum knee kept you out of the military, you can at least look the part at the range.