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11 Great Taxidermy Mounts From the 2017 Show Circuit

Mounts of all shapes and sizes are on display
tahr taxidermy
The detail in the diorama is impressive. Tony Caggiano

It’s that time of year again—show season. As a guy who makes his living in the outdoor world, I spend a lot of the winter attending outdoor shows around the country. A highlight for me is gawking at the taxidermy displays.

I recently visited the Houston Safari Club Convention, made quick stop at the SHOT Show, headed on up to Reno for the Sheep Show and then back to Vegas for the always-impressive SCI Convention. Here are a few of the highlights from this year’s Taxidermy Show Tour.

elephant taxidermy
An epic elephant mount. Tony Caggiano


I walked into the Houston Safari Club Convention and was met by this Big Boy. Elephant shoulder mounts are always impressive, but when it is seemingly floating on air over the savannah balanced only on it’s trunk, it’s simply awe-inspiring.

tahr mounts
A glimpse at Middle Earth. Tony Caggiano


Two massive red stags, a world class chamois and an entire herd of tahr — a photo can’t possibly do it justice. Even the trout are huge.

leopard mount
A pair of leopards battle for a young zebra. Tony Caggiano


Another massive piece, with a life-sized acacia, and a pair of large African leopards, battling it out while a zebra foal tries to go unnoticed.

leopard in tree mount
A leopard deals with a hyena problem. Tony Caggiano


Leopards with bad attitudes in trees are always a hit. This fight between the cat and the hyena, over a trophy bushbuck is damn cool, but the real treat is getting a look at the odd little critters to the side. It’s not often that you get to see an aardwolf and a bat-eared fox.

leopard in tree mount
Another look at the leopard and hyena. Tony Caggiano


There is nothing an outfitter likes to show off more than some of the prehistoric horns and antlers they are pulling out of their camps. This brute of a red stag from Spey Creek Outfitters is no exception.

record stag mount
A record-class red stag. Tony Caggiano


Another whopper, this time a giant elk on display at the HSC Convention.

giant elk
A giant elk on display. Tony Caggiano


Out at the Sheep Show I came across this beast. Kodiak Brown Bears are always impressive, but this guy is one of the tallest I’ve seen, standing more than 10 feet on the base. There was a line for photos with him all weekend long.

standing brown bear mount
A giant brown bear stands tall. Tony Caggiano


Well, word or not, you get the picture. There were sheep to be found in every corner of the Reno Convention Center (being at the Sheep Show probably helps with that), but to see this Altai Argali in person was quite an experience. Hard to imagine just how large they are until your up close and personal with one.

world record sheep
A world-class sheep on display. Tony Caggiano


This bad boy was a real attention getter. Like a snap shot out of a Disney True Life Adventure, I was almost expecting to get wet as the salmon swam past.

giant brown bear mount
This is an amazing bear and an amazing mount. Tony Caggiano
brown bear water mount
The frothy details. Tony Caggiano


A remarkable grouping of just about everything you’ve ever dreamed of hunting in the way of plains game—360 degrees of heads and horns.

savannah mounts
A diverse array of mounts. Tony Caggiano


Like stepping into Night at the Museum, I came around the corner and was greeted by Teddy on his trusty —Bactrian camel. As you can see, there is a remarkable variety of animal art out there on the show circuit, this and every year. Even if you will never get to the plains of Africa, the rocky shoreline of Dutch Harbor or the peaks of the Altai Mountains, you can get a glimpse of wildlife, frozen in time, at these and other sporting shows across the country each year.

Teddy Roosevelt on camel mount
Teddy Roosevelt on a camel. . . enough said. Tony Caggiano
Teddy Roosevelt on camel mount
Another look at Teddy. Tony Caggiano