3 Features to Consider in Your Next Bow Case

Don’t risk ruining your next hunt by transporting your bow in an unreliable trunk

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The more sophisticated compound bows become, the more sensitive they are to mistreatment. One careless drop or ding during transit can ruin a hunt, when time spent afield must be wasted re-tuning sights, limbs, or cables. That’s why it’s important to protect your bow with a proper hard case. Soft cases are fine for short trips, but when it comes to extended trips or air travel, hard cases are the way to go. Here are a few things to look for.

Top Pick

Fully Customizable

Beyond making sure the case itself is the proper size for your bow, look for a case with ample pluck foam. That allows you to customize the bow’s fit by removing or plucking sections of foam to create a nest perfectly sized for your bow.

Portable Choice

Protective and Lightweight

Neither a bow nor its case is particularly heavy, but once you add a dozen arrows, maintenance tools, and whatever else you transport in the case, the weight can add up. A case with integrated wheels makes getting from place to place, particularly in an airport, much easier.


Made in the USA

Ergonomic Handle

The more latches on a bow case, the better. But whether your case has two or ten latches, make sure that the clasps are rugged enough to withstand repeated abuse and also clamp down tight on some sort of rubber seal or gasket to ensure a waterproof closure.