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MK-47 Mounted on ATV Might be Overkill for Duck Season

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A Special Operations Forces soldier mans a MK-47 grenade launcher mounted on a Polaris MV700 during an exercise in Iraq. The MK-47 is a belt-fed automatic launcher that fires 40 mm high explosive grenades at a rate of 225-300 rounds a minute out to a range of 2.2 km.

Polaris Defense introduced the MV700 4X4 ATV to the military market in 2005. The base, chassis and engine package are what you would have found on the Polaris 700cc Twin Sportsman. The MV700 4X4 features a steel exoskeleton, dual fuel tanks, and run-flat tires, as well as several other features to meet the demands of this type of use by the military.

The MV700 and other models offered by Polaris Defense are currently purchased by the U.S. government for use by U.S. and allied forces in over 23 countries throughout the world. Polaris Defense also distributes its vehicles to other U.S. and overseas government organizations.

The MV700 has been replaced by the Sportsman MV 850. The Polaris MV 850 is the next generation of militarized ATVs. The MV 850 comes perfectly equipped for today’s military operations with these key features:
– 850cc / 77hp 4-stroke SOHC Twin Cylinder Gas Engine
– 11.75 gal/ 44.5 L fuel capacity
– Electronic Power Steering
– Black-Out Drive and IR Capable
– 1500 lbs. / 680.4 kg Towing Capacity
– Polaris Front & Rear Metal Racks

Please contact me if you have a military ATV that Lance and I can test. Seriously.