May_31_06 Emails are flying all over the Net this week about this monster non-typical, which after 2 years has mysteriously risen from the ashes. The ZONE gets to the bottom of the story.

The rumor: The 24-point monster was shot last rifle season in Lycoming Co., PA. It is the new state record, with a preliminary score of 287. North American Whitetail TV and magazine are all over the story. The hunter has been offered big $$$ for the rack.

The truth: A Boone and Crockett official tells us the buck was shot by Roger Broyles in Livingston Co, KY in 2004 (I clicked properties on the digital photo; it was taken 11/26/04). The rack was ruled unscorable because it doesn’t have an identifiable typical frame (check out those unreal cauliflower bases and long tines!). It’s still one hell of a trophy, the buck of a lifetime. And it’s yet another example of the incredible non-typicals coming out of the Middle States the last few years, with more on the way this season. See my column “The Freak Show” in the June/July issue of Outdoor Life.