Trophy Deer photo

Feb_6_07 When I first posted on this giant awhile back there was confusion as to where it was shot, either TX or KY. I also got 10 emails saying the deer was from Illinois and 6 that claimed it was from Indiana. Steve emailed me to set the story straight. He wrote:

“These are all facts, and I will give you all the information you need to verify them. The buck was killed by Dan Miller, a member of an Amish community in KY. He was hunting public land known as Pennyrile State Forest near the town of Dawson Springs, KY. He was hunting from the ground and killed the deer with a 7mm Mag Savage 110.

The buck was officially scored on Jan. 25th by Bill Cooper (official B&C scorer in KY). It came in at 246 3/8″ non-typical, which makes it the # 2 NT in the state. Cooper aged the buck at 6.5 years using the jawbone.

It was mounted by Martin Meredith of Meredith’s Taxidermy in KY.

KY Afield, a production of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, aired a television special on this deer on Dec 16th and 17th 2006. Because of Mr. Miller’s religious beliefs he refused to be on camera, but he did share his incredible story.

I hope I have supplied you with enough information to get the true story out as to the origin of this great buck and credit to the hunter who shot it.”

Thanks for the info Steve. Awesome awesome buck, check out that huge drop tine (I’m still obsessed) and long beams!

BTW a guy emailed me the other day and said that because of this monster and also the famous Schmucker buck shot in Ohio last September he was looking for an Amish buddy to hunt with next fall. Good idea 🙂