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The Fisherman’s Breakfast Recipe: Crappie McMuffins

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fisherman's breakfast

The Fisherman’s Breakfast Recipe: Crappie… by OutdoorLife

Here’s a different take on a classic dish: The Fisherman’s Breakfast. These breakfast sandwiches stick to the ribs, and will keep you out on the water until you fill your next livewell of panfish.

Crappie Fillets (2 per sandwich)
Eggs (1 per sandwich)
Breakfast muffins
Pepper jack cheese
Wasabi mayo

Bread the fillets in cornmeal and fry them in butter. Pull them when both sides are golden brown. Now fry up your eggs. Crack the yokes while your frying them. Now make your sammies. If you’re feeling ambitious melt the pepper jack cheese. If you’re feeling hungry, just throw the cheese on their and dig in. Pro tip: you’re going to want more of that wasabi mayo for dunking so keep it on the table.