Wisconsin to Approve Concealed Carry

The Politician's Republic of Illinois is now the only state that doesn't recognize the Second Amendment.

Wisconsin will be the 49th state to permit the carrying of concealed firearms when Gov. Scott Walker signs into law a bill that passed the state's house and senate with strong majority votes.

Once Walker signs the bill, Illinois will be the last state which refuses to recognize the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

The bill passed the Wisconsin Assembly on June 28 in a 68-27 bipartisan vote. The approval of the bill marks one more piece of long-blocked legislation that Republicans have been able to pass now that they control all of state government. The bill to allow the concealed carry of guns and other weapons, such as tasers, passed the Senate in a 25-8 bipartisan vote earlier in June. Approval by the Assembly sent the bill to Walker, who supports the measure.

According to a June 31 column in The New American, the Wisconsin bill "is among the most significant developments regarding Second Amendment liberties this year."

"The bill is imperfect -- it does not go as far as measures in Alaska, Arizona, and Vermont toward bringing state law into conformity with the text of the U.S. Constitution -- but it is the latest indication of a substantial shift in American opinion in favor of Second Amendment rights," the New American states. "For example, the crass attempt of national and local politicians to exploit the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) earlier this year in an effort to bring back the draconian, unconstitutional provisions of the old Brady Bill, fell flat."

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