God forbid you should ever need to fire off shots in your home to protect you and your loved ones. But should you have to, Federal Premium’s Guard Dog™ Home Defense rounds are specially developed for home protection use as they’re made to decrease the possibility of passing through walls and other barriers.

Guard Dogs are patented non-hollow-point, expanding full metal jacket (EFMJ) rounds available in 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 Auto. The bullets are filled with an expanding polymer that minimizes over-penetration through interior walls.

So, a Guard Dog round opens as it passes through interior walls, creating a wider surface area and allowing the bullet to dissipate energy. The expanded surface area causes the bullet to slow down with each barrier it comes into contact with, decreasing the probability of serious injury to bystanders in other rooms or other houses.

Guard Dog Home Defense has a high velocity with low recoil. Exceptional feed and function in semi-automatic handguns. The new round also gives concealed carry holders a reliable round in those jurisdictions where hollow-point ammunition is restricted.

Available in stores now.

Part No. and Description
PD9GRD 9mm 105-grain Expanding FMJ 1230fps
PD40GRD .40 S&W 135-grain Expanding FMJ 1200 fps
PD45GRD .45 Auto 165-grain Expanding FMJ 1140 fps