My Favorite Gun: See Your Gun in Outdoor Life Magazine

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Want to show off your favorite rifle, shotgun, or pistol in the pages of Outdoor Life? Send us a photo of the gun that is nearest and dearest to your heart along with the story behind it to get in the running.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cherished heirloom shotgun with a fancy walnut stock or an every-day beater polymer pistol that you carry for personal protection. We still want to hear about it.

It could be the first gun you ever bought. Mine was an old Marlin Model 60 that looks terrible, but I’ll still never get rid of it. Or it could be the rifle with which you made the shot of a lifetime. Is there a shotgun that you dropped into a salt marsh while duck hunting one icy morning, but managed to retrieve and still get your limit? Or maybe it’s the pistol you used to win your first IDPA stage.

The sky’s the limit here…but time is of the essence. We’re gathering a final round of submissions in time to tell the stories of these guns online and in the pages of Outdoor Life. So don’t delay.

The best way to get your gun in the running is to email us at You can also submit it via Facebook. Check out the examples below for inspiration.

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