Australia’s wild dogs make our coyotes look like pesky little ankle biters. Dingos and wild dog hybrids caused $67 million in livestock damage in 2009 and now the canines are making headlines by moving in closer to the suburbs.

“Just in Brisbane, in the southern suburb of Logan, we’ve heard of dog numbers increasing and starting to have an impact on households, attacking domestic pets and dogs,” AgForce spokesman Michael Allpass told The problem has gotten so bad that officials warn visiting tourists about potential wild dog attacks.

Wildlife officers, hunters, and farmers across Queensland have done their best to cull the dogs, but perhaps none have put up a better effort than Tom Varney. With a predator call and a .223, Varney killed thousands of dogs in the 90s and early 2000s. For 15 years he hunted wild dogs everyday. Eventually, he made a set of DVDs about wild dog hunting. Check out the clip below. If you can ignore the old-school graphics, you’ll get to see some sweet predator calling. recently posted a short documentary exploring the strange details of Varney’s life (he was deemed certifiably insane and arrested as a young man, then he found hunting and religion) and Australia’s wild dog problem.

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