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Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Delaware

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Located on the Atlantic Costal Plain, only seven percent of Delaware is publicly owned (88,000 acres).

Redden State Forest

• 9,500 acres

• Delaware’s largest state forest

• Large timbered areas are noted for deer hunting

Taber State Forest

• 1,240 acres

• Popular deer and turkey hunting location

Blackbird State Forest

• 4,800 acres

• 40 miles of trails for access

• Deer and turkey hunting opportunities

Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area

• 5,515 acres

• Area includes mix of open areas, food plots and timber

• Deer and turkey hunting opportunities

[Woodland Beach Wildlife Area]( WoodlandBeach%20Waterfowl.pdf)

• 6,320 acres

• Popular for waterfowl hunting

• Offers goose pits and duck blinds

Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area

• 4,418 acres

• Deer and turkey hunting opportunities

• Waterfowl hunting including snow goose opportunities

Augustine Wildlife Area

• 2,667 acres

• Made up of three tracts

• Shoreline fishing opportunities as well as deer, turkey, and small game hunting options

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Photo: Taber State Forest

Photo credit: flickr