Turkey Hunting photo

Zumbo_1OL’s own Jim Zumbo was honored this weekend as the NWTF’s Communicator of the Year. The award is bestowed upon an outdoor communicator each year whose work has transcended the norm in promoting hunting and conservation. Anybody who knows Jim, knows he is passionate about both. He has perhaps more experience in the field than virtually any other outdoor writer alive today and the award is just one more honor in a long list of accolades he has received during his illustrious career.

I had the privilege to work with Jim a little when I was editor of Turkey Call magazine and have thrilled to get the chance to work with him even more as a current Outdoor Life editor.

I passed Jim in the hall Saturday just hours before he took the stage and have to share this story. What a lot of people didn’t realize that night was that he was feeling quite under the weather. But Jim had been asked to assist in some presentations by the NWTF as a guise to get him there, and while he had no idea he was to receive an award that evening, he wasn’t about to be a no-show. That’s the kind of dedication the guy has.

We’re sure proud of you Jim. Check out outdoorlife.com’s news section in the coming days for more details about his award. You’ll also want to make sure you pick up a copy of the May issue of OL when it hits the newsstands. In that issue, Jim recounts a recent adventure that you won’t hardly believe.