Sam Klement, owner of Spectrum Outdoors, says the birds in south Alabama and south Georgia are also starting to strut and gobble, but then, they are still ganged up as well, though flocks are mixing and no longer restricted to the single-sex groups of winter.

In Florida, the season’s cruising right along and chatter on several online message boards shows that the birds are gobbling well from the roost then shutting up on the ground. Why? They’re flocked up, just like the S.C. birds will be. Just get out there as soon as you can and then hit the woods as often as you can.

Hawaii opened March 1 as well, but I haven’t heard from anyone over on our 50th state.

Other seasons that will open this month include parts or all of the following states:

Alabama March 15

South Carolina March 15

Mississippi March 15

Georgia March 25

Louisiana March 25

California March 25

Nevada March 25

As for me, I head out for my first ’06 hunt next week down in Florida where I will be joining some folks with Hunter’s Specialties, Winchester ammo and Cabela’s. More on that later.

Hunt Safe!