Guy Wrecks, Calls Turkey Dumb

I have a big problem when non-hunters call wild turkeys dumb.

I get all defensive. I know they have no idea how wary a wild turkey can be.

Take this Chicago area guy for instance. Earlier this year an Illinois gobbler staked out a highway intersection, and eventually drew the attention of some motorists.

"He walks around like he's a king," said one observer. I assume he means to say the gobbler was strutting.

Now true enough, I have seen wild turkeys in compromised situations act as if they have no fear of motorists. As a result, it gives some people the wrong idea about the birds we hunt elsewhere in open spaces.

Let me ask you guys, if a driver swerves to avoid a wild turkey, another car stops behind her, and yet a third crashes his 2006 Honda Civic into car number two, is it the gobbler's fault?

"He is just a dumb turkey," the car crash guy--now carpooling and biking we're told--said after the incident. What would you guys say in the turkey's defense?

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--Steve Hickoff