If this doesn’t get your turkey hunter’s heartbeat going I don’t know what will.

This cool video was shot with the Bushnell Trophy Cam, showing that maybe trail cams aren’t just for the whitetail guys.

According to the company, this camera offers:

— One year battery life and quick trigger speed.
— Every 2012 model now features true HD video resolution with audio record for stunning clarity and detail.
— New Field Scan 2x gives you two windows of image capture to capitalize on dusk and dawn movement [as you can see in the video].
— You can also expect brighter, sharper nighttime images than ever before with the addition of Hyper Night Vision, with no-glow black LED models available for absolute stealth.
— To maximize consistency in all conditions, New Auto PIR automatically regulates sensitivity based on temperature.
— The time stamps are now more detailed than ever as well, and the addition of GPS Geotag automatically embeds each image with GPS coordinates for optimum tracking.

What do you think Strut Zoners, can trail cameras be utilized in spring turkey hunting?