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Video: Another Turkey Hunter Sees Bigfoot This Season

“What’s that?” a voice says. At first, you might think it’s a big black gobbler, but then… This is the story that won’t go away: Bigfoot sightings and spring turkey hunting are trending.

“Saw a squatch turkey hunting today,” the comment made under this recent video post, seems just a little low-key to me. Yawn. If I were this guy, I’d have written something close to a stream-of-consciousness rant. Wouldn’t you? Then again the frightened noises the dude makes before running seem, well, pretty realistic (or at least we’re witnessing some decent 11 second acting). Bigfoot evidence types are putting this video up to the test though.

Let’s put it to the Strut Zone test, turkey hunters. What do you think? Not interested in whether this is true, false, a prank or the real deal? Forget, Bigfoot. Maybe you’ve never thought of Maryland as a turkey hunting destination? If not, you’ve still got a little time for a road trip there this spring. Check out Maryland’s 2012 spring turkey season info here.