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Boot Review: Rocky S2V Substratum

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After purchasing several pairs of allegedly waterproof boots (yeah, they all leaked), and teaching survival classes in wet, swampy environments, I was thrilled to have a chance to test out Rocky’s new S2V Substratum boots.

Touted as the survival boot that won’t quit, and bred from the boots that many of our armed forces rely upon, my expectations were high. I’m pleased to say that I now own a pair of waterproof boots, which are fully tricked out for the survivalist. Yes, the boots may look a little space-age at first glance, and they’re a touch heavy. But, that weight comes from all the protection built into the boot. The upper is waterproof Nubuck leather and ripstop nylon. The fully gusseted tongue and high top helps to keep rocks, dirt, snow, and water from getting down into your boot as well.

550 paracord bootlaces are a nice touch, but that’s not the best survival concept built into the boot design. They come with a compact, one-hand operated fire starter (Sparkie) and Wetfire cubes from Ultimate Survival Technologies, with a comfortable secret storage space to make sure you never get caught without fire making materials. The insoles of either boot can be pulled free and a small foam spacer can be removed to create a caddy in the heel of each boot for the spark rod, fire cubes, and other survival kit items that you may want to stuff in there. This could also be a great little hiding spot for extra cash when you are traveling (or a spare set of keys).

The Hydro IQ (waterproof/air circulation) technology of the boots have a moisture-wicking lining to keep the interior dry, and a molded antimicrobial insole. The insole is bright pink in color so you can even signal for help with it. The bottom of this footwear is crampon and snowshoe compatible.. Also, the wave underlay proves excellent element traction. Each boot weighs 2 pounds 2 ounces, making 4.25 pounds for the pair of them. The Substratum boots retail for $280.

• Molded foam padded with high abrasion Lycra and antimicrobial space mesh
• Tri-density molded antimicrobial insole, pink colored for signaling
• Open cell foam forefoot with polyurethane top layer
• Polyurethane enhanced toe wrap and extended back guard
• Polyurethane, direct attached for superior longevity and a permanent outsole bond
• Proprietary wave underlay texture for element traction and shedding
• Moisture Wicking Lining
• Fully gusseted tongue
• UST essentials located within outsole: firesparker and wetcubes (x2)
• 550 military grade paracord boot laces

Bottom line: They felt great to hike in and they don’t look too over-the-top to walk around town in either. Find out more about the S2V Substratum here.