The average flashlight’s primary responsibility is to illuminate dark places, and some of them serve as passable distress signals. The Lifegear Search Light, however, is purpose-built for both bright illumination and signaling. Read on to see how well it cuts through the gloom.

For starters, the Search Light is surprisingly lightweight, yet it has very good ergonomics. It’s small enough to be considered “pocket-sized,” but big enough to fill your hand and not slip through your fingers. The on/off button is situated right where your thumb would naturally go. The first click turns on the 250-lumen high beam. Another click takes the beam down to one-fifth the power (50 Lumens) for a lengthier run time. This light runs for over an hour on high, and about 5 hours on low. A third click activates a red flashing ring for signaling, and a fourth click activates a very bright strobe beacon positioned at the butt of the flashlight. If those visual signals aren’t enough, there is an integrated whistle at the butt of the light, too. It’s painfully shrill tone should get the attention of a SAR team. The splash-proof Search Light is an outstanding light for the price and would be a smart addition to a roadside emergency vehicle kit, a survival kit, a bug out bag, backpacking supplies, or just to keep on your bedside table.

Here are the specs:
Length: 7 inches
Weight: 6.5 ounces, with batteries (included)
Metal: Anodized aerospace aluminum
Lumens: High – 250 Lumens / Low – 50 Lumens
Beam distance: Focused high beam – 500ft
Extras: Rescue strobe light, Red flashing light, Emergency whistle, Carabiner clip and 3 AAA batteries
Made in China
MSRP: $29.99

As far as gripes, I wish it was made in the U.S., but that would likely cause the price to jump a bit. While the whistle is plenty shrill, I feel like it should be louder. Finally, you’ll want to add a beefier ring and carabiner. The hardware it ships with is too suspect to trust such a valuable piece of gear to.