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AMMUNITION Highlights of this year's new ammo introductions include several big-game rifle cartridges and a handgun round that should prove ideal for compact self-defense revolvers. The high-tech hunting bullet race continues with several new designs, and some useful new nontoxic shot loads, too. ATK (FEDERAL, SPEER, CCI) Two new cartridges and several new rifle bullet designs are at the forefront of ATK's offerings for 2008. The .327 Federal Magnum (developed in conjunction with Ruger) is a rimmed, lengthened .32-caliber case. (The S&W; .32 and H&R; .32 revolver cartridges can also be used in .327 Federal guns.) The longer case allows a 115-grain bullet to be driven to 1,300 fps from a three-inch barrel, producing twice the muzzle energy of the .38 Special +P loads and equaling that of short-barreled .357 Magnums. Federal claims the new load yields 25 percent less recoil than the .357. Speer will introduce the load in a 115-grain Gold Dot round. Federal will produce an 85-grain Hydra-Shok load in its Personal Defense line as well as a 100-grain softpoint under the American Eagle brand. Teaming up with Sako, Federal introduces the Cape-Shok .370 Sako Magnum. A .30/06 case necked up to take .366-diameter bullets, it offers similar performance to the European 9.3x66mm Sako Magnum while employ-ing a standard-length action that allows more rounds to fit in the magazine. Well-suited to hunting large animals at modest ranges, it will be offered this year with a 286-grain Nosler Partition or a 286-grain Barnes TSX. New to the Vital-Shok line is the Trophy Bonded Tip bullet. Built on the Trophy Bonded Bear Claw platform, the new bullet features a polycarbonate tip and boattail design. The jacket and case are nickel-plated, and the jacket is skived to provide optimum expansion at all ranges. The Trophy Bonded Tip will be available in a full range of big-game calibers, from .270 Win. to .300 Weatherby The Vital-Shok line is adding the lead-free TNT Green bullet. Federal promises match-grade accuracy and explosive expansion in a nontoxic package. It's available in a 43-grain weight in .223 Rem., .222 Rem. and .22/250 Rem. Also joining the Vital-Shok line is the Barnes Tipped TSX bullet. This all-copper bullet can be driven to extreme velocities and now features a Delrin tip for increased down-range ballistics. It will be available in .270 WSM (110 grains/3,500 fps), .270 Win. (110 grains/3,400 fps), .300 WSM (130 grains/3,500 fps) and .300 Win. (130 grains/ 3,500 fps). The CCI rimfire line is getting its own version of the TNT Green bullet-as a 30-grain load in the .22 WMR. The segmented Quick-Shok bullet will now be offered in a 40-grain weight in .22 WMR and in a subsonic .22 LR that should be ideal for quiet pest control in populated areas. In the shotshell arena, Federal will offer a Black Cloud FS Steel 12-gauge three-inch load that holds 1 1/4 ounces of No. 3 shot, packaged in a special-edition "Duck Commander" box. The Wing-Shok Pheasants Forever line adds nontoxic Premium Steel shot in 12 and 20 gauge (three-inch shells) in sizes 3 and 5. (800-322-2342; Outdoor Life Online Editor
HORNADY: Introduced in 2007, the .375 Ruger-a cooperative effort between Hornady and Ruger- was well received. This year the .375 Ruger cartridge case becomes the foundation for a new line of cartridges-Ruger Compact Magnums (RCM). The .300 RCM and .338 RCM are necked-down versions of the .375, accepting .30-caliber and .338-caliber bullets, respectively. Hornady claims the new loads will match the performance of the .300 Win. Mag. and .338 Win. Mag. from a 20-inch barrel. The .300 RCM will be available in bullet weights of 150, 165, and 180 grains, while the .338 RCM will be offered with the 200- and 225-grain SST projectiles. Ruger will offer the new load this year in the 20-inch-barreled M77 Hawkeye bolt-action rifle. The .32 Winchester Special will now be available in the Lever Evolution line, featuring a 165-grain Flex Tip bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2,410 fps. The Flex Tip bullet technology will also be applied to the .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum. Hornady claims the Flex Tip design provides more uniform expansion than traditional hollowpoints over a wider range of velocities, and notes that the two new loads are ideally suited for both handguns and lever-action carbines.(800-338-3220; Outdoor Life Online Editor
REMINGTON ARMS: A number of useful new shotgun loads, as well as some handy rifle loads, highlight Remington's new ammo offerings. The new Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug will be available in 12-gauge 2 3/4- and 3-inch loadings. The velocity for the former is 1,850 fps; the latter hits 1,900 fps. Remington claims that the 385-grain .58-caliber slug (featuring a cartridge brass jacket and polymer nose tip with spiral-cut grooves) offers controlled expansion up to 200 yards and equals or exceeds the accuracy of existing sabot slugs. Remington's popularly priced Nitro Turkey load will get two new additions to the hard black shot line. The 2 3/4-inch, 1 1/2-ounce loads (one with No. 4 shot, the other with No. 5) both achieve a velocity of 1,260 fps. The Wingmaster HD line grows by three this year. Big-bore fans will want to check out the new 10-gauge, 3 1/2-inch, 1 3/4-ounce load of No. 4 shot. Smaller-bore aficionados will find two new 20-gauge, 2 3/4-inch one-ounce loadings, with either No. 4 or No. 6 shot. Both leave the muzzle at 1,300 fps. Remington's Power Level ammunition (first displayed in the .300 Ultra Mag) is an eminently practical concept. It lets factory-ammo shooters tailor their loads to the conditions in the same way reloaders have been doing for years. This year Remington introduces Power Level to the 7mm Remington Ultra Mag. Three distinct power (and recoil) levels are offered. Power Level III wrings the maximum from the 7mm Ultra Mag with a Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded bullet at 3,425 fps, a 150-grain Scirocco slug at 3,325 and a 175-grain Swift A-Frame load at 3,025 fps. These are intended for tough game at long ranges. Power Level II duplicates the 7mm Rem. Mag. with a 160-grain Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded at 2,950 fps. Power Level I brings the gun into the .270 Win./.280 Rem. range with a 140-grain Core-Lokt Bonded bullet at 3,000 fps. That allows one gun to handle any North American game and a lot of African species as well. The Managed-Recoil line of light-recoiling loads expands by three this year. The .260 Rem. gets a 140-grain Core-Lokt at 2,360 fps, and the 7mm-08 adds the same bullet at 2,300 fps. Both are adequate for deer in the 150- to 200-yard range and produce less recoil than most .243 Win. loads. The .300 Rem. Ultra Mag gets a 150-grain Core-Lokt at 2,820 fps, virtually duplicating the power and recoil of the .308 Win. The Match Rifle line expands with a 77-grain MatchKing slug in .223 Rem. (2,800 fps) that is optimized for use in one-to-eight-twist barrels. There is also a .308 Win. 175-grain MatchKing load at 2,610 fps. (800-243-9700; Outdoor Life Online Editor
WINCHESTER AMMUNITION: The company is making a number of useful additions to its existing lines year. The .325 WSM will offer a 200-grain XP3 bullet in the Supreme Elite line. Winchester's new Safari Line will appeal to those hunting large dangerous game. Hunters will have a choice of a Partition (expanding) slug or a solid round designed for maximum penetration and bone-crushing power. They will be available in .375 H&H;, .416 Rem. Mag., .416 Rigby and .458 Win. Mag. For 2008, Winchester will add a reduced-recoil .460 S&W; Mag. loading to its Big Bore Handgun line. The .45-caliber, 250-grain JHP leaves the muzzle at 1,450 fps and produces 1,157 foot-pounds of energy-enough for most big game but with significantly less recoil than full-power loads. Developed jointly with Nosler, Winchester's new lead-free E-Tip bullet (made of 95 percent copper and 5 percent zinc) features a polycarbonate tip and a boattail. It produces rapid and consistent expansion with nearly 100 percent weight retention, the company says. It can be had in the Winchester Supreme line in 180 grains for .308 Win., .30/06, .300 WSM and .300 Win. Mag. On the shotgun side, Winchester adds a 12-gauge, three-inch plastic-tipped sabot slug to its Supreme Elite line. The 300-grain slug has a velocity of 2,100 fps and is designed for rifled barrels. The Rack Master rifled slug will now be available in a three-inch, 11/8-ounce load. To address the nontoxic-shot-only areas springing up across the country, Expert Steel Dove will be offered in 21/2-inch 12- and 20-gauge loads in No. 7 steel shot. The Super Pheasant Super-X load gains a 12-gauge, three-inch shell in No. 4 and No. 5 shot. Lastly, the company is releasing a limited-edition commemorative series to honor the 150th anniversary of Teddy Roosevelt's birth. It will consist of the .405 Win., .30/30 Win. and .45 LC. Each will feature nickel-plated cases with a specially designed "Roosevelt" head stamp and will be packaged in a unique embossed package. (618-258-3565; Outdoor Life Online Editor
BLACKPOWDER With new electronic ignitions and crossover models sporting centerfire barrels, blackpowder guns had a banner year in 2007, retailers report. Expectations are high for 2008, as centerfire deer hunters have discovered special blackpowder seasons. Many are buying at least one muzzleloader to experience smokepole hunting firsthand. And there have never been more accessories available, with many companies bringing out new bullets and sabot configurations. If your shelves are stocked with a strong blackpowder inventory, you'll add more profit to the bottom line come deer season. Here's a look at some of this year's new crop. Knight Rifles:
For 2008, Knight Rifles introduces the KP1 "utility rifle," a gun that transforms from muzzleloader to centerfire or rimfire rifle without tools. It's sold in three configurations: Whitetail (which accommodates a .50-caliber muzzleloader and .243 Win., .270 Win. and .30/06 centerfire barrels), Varmint (.17 HMR and .223 Remington), and Magnum (muzzleloader and seven other caliber options in rimfire and centerfire). SRP: $475, $650 for stainless. (256-260-8950; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Traditions Performance Firearms: Based upon the success of the Pursuit XLT, Traditions is releasing the Pursuit II, which features the new Accelerator Breech Plug. The Pursuit II has the same features as the Pursuit XLT, but the addition of the Accelerator Breech Plug allows shooters to simply, easily and quickly remove the breech plug for cleaning. No tools are required. The Pursuit II comes with an lightweight-alloy rust-preventive frame, a Quick Relief recoil pad and a 28-inch ported and fluted barrel to reduce recoil. All camo models will be equipped with the Soft-Touch rubberized stock coating for a sure grip. Regular and Thumbhole models are available. (800-526-9556; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Doublestar patrol rifle: When you listen to the customer, great things can happen. Just ask the folks at DoubleStar, a nine-year-old Kentucky-based manufacturer of AR-15 rifles and component parts. It prides itself on the relationships it has developed with law enforcement officers nationwide. And when those officers speak, DoubleStar listens-and profits. Such was the case with DoubleStar's new Patrol Rifle (SRP: $1,194.95). "The design was derived from extensive interviews with front-line police officers," says DoubleStar president Teresa Starnes. "The consensus reached was a lightweight package readily adaptable to almost every situation." The rifle was released last year, and the company says it has sold well. To meet the rugged requirements of the beat officer, the Patrol Rifle is centered around a lightweight A-1 configuration with a one-in-nine-twist barrel mounted on a forged flat-top upper receiver. Although the rifle weighs only 6¿ pounds, it is capable of MOA accuracy. A phantom flash suppressor is attached to the barrel. The YHM four-rail handguards allow unlimited versatility for attaching lights, vertical grips and other tactical components. Three low-profile rail covers are standard. A GG&G; flip-up MAD rear sight, Hogue rubber pistol grip, and DoubleStar's six-position M4 buttstock are also standard. Various upgrades are available, including a chrome-lined barrel, two-stage trigger, H buffer and bipod. Law enforcement feedback also led to the development of DoubleStar's new oval handguard. It is proving popular with smaller-handed shooters, including women, because the two-piece, four-rail handguard system is easy to grip and maneuver. The handguard is made of aircraft-grade 60-61 T6 extruded aluminium. The result is a lightweight but extremely strong component. The mil-spec 1913 Picatinny rails will accept attachments from nearly every manufacturer, and the handguard's snap-on installation has a spring pressure that forces it against the front handguard cap for a tight fit. DoubleStar also has seen sales of its DS-4 Carbine double since last year's SHOT Show, making it the most popular AR in the company's product line. Starnes attributes the increase to the close connection between the military and law enforcement. "Our DS-4 Carbine is the semi-auto version of the M4, used by the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan," she said. "A lot of ex-military personnel work in law enforcement after their tours are over. They carried the M4 over there, so that's what they want over here." With an overall length of 35 inches and weight of 6 1/2 pounds, the DS-4 is similar in size to the .223 Patrol Rifle. The DS-4 comes standard with oval double heat shield handguards. The M4-profile 16-inch chrome-moly steel barrel has a one-in-nine twist and features an A-2 flash suppressor and M-203 mounting groove. Chrome-lined versions are available for a $50 upgrade. Law enforcement departments can receive a 14 1/2-inch barrel and three-round burst or fully automatic versions. The only change DoubleStar has made in the DS-4 is to strengthen the six-position buttstock and remove the sharp edges to keep it from snagging on fabric. "All of our products are mil-spec and made in America," Starnes said. (888-736-7725; Outdoor Life Online Editor
OPTICS Robert Ruark once wrote, "Use enough gun." That maxim holds true for binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes as well. This year's product choices will make it a lot easier to match the glass to the light conditions, the type of hunting and the terrain at a variety of price points. Here's what's new. Aimpoint The Concealed Engagement Unit (SRP: $377), or CEU, is an aiming device that rotates a full 360 degrees to let users observe targets without exposing themselves. The MPS3 (SRP: $1,531) was designed for military applications on medium to heavy support weapons. (877-246-7646; **Alpen: **
The new Teton series of binoculars mates the Rainer line's lens with the body of the Apex to offer lightweight durability at a low cost in 8.5×50 (SRP: $900) and 10×50 (SRP: $922) configurations. Additions to the Rainer binocular line include an 8×32 (SRP: $990) and 10×25 (SRP: $1,045). Booth #27020. (909-987-8370; Barska The Escape binocular series offers large objective lenses to gather light and is available in fixed-power or zoom models. The fixed-power models include a 10×50 (SRP: $59.98) and 20×50 (SRP: $79.98). Zooms include a compact 7-20×35 (SRP: $79.98) and such large, powerful pairs as a 10-30×60 (SRP: $119.98), 12-60×70 (SRP: $179.98) and 18-52×80 (SRP: $219.98). (888-666-6769; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Burris: Burris Riflescopes in the new Timberline series feature a bright and clear HiLume multicoated lens system and a durable one-piece outer tube, Available in 4×20, 2-7×26, 3-9×32 and 4.5-14×32 models, with a choice of Plex or Ballistic Plex reticles, in matte black. SRP: $149 to $199. Also new this year, Fullfield II APG riflescopes will wear Realtree Advantage All Purpose Green camo. The 2-7×35 and 3-9×40 riflescopes feature the versatile Ballistic Plex reticle, which makes them ideal for use on shotguns and muzzleloaders. SRP: $159 to $249. The new Fullfield 30 European series of riflescopes features either the low-light 3P#4 German reticle or the long-range, flexible Ballistic Plex reticle. The scopes are designed to provide the durability and increased adjustment range associated with 30mm outer tubes. Available models include 3-9×40 and 3.5-10×50. SRP: $249 to $499. (970-356-1670; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Leica: Two new spotting scopes have been added to the Televid line, one with an 82mm lens, the other with a 65mm lens.Both are available in four versions: The APO models come with either a straight or angled eyepiece and use apochromatic lenses for high contrast without color distortion. The HD models also come with a straight or angled eyepiece; they use a new lens arrangement for optimal color, clarity and contrast.(800-222-0118; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Zeiss Sport Optics: The Victory Diascope spotting scopes in 65mm (SRP: $1,530) and 85mm (SRP: $1,882) are now available with the LotuTec lens coating, which sheds water and oils and eases lens care. Both spotters are available with a straight or angled eyepiece. The Victory Diavari 6-24×72 T FL riflescope has been enhanced with FL glass. The scope features a 34mm tube and the Rapid-Z reticle. (800-441-3005; Outdoor Life Online Editor
OUTERWEAR In outerwear, if 2008 will be known for anything, it will be the year that silver-thread scent-reduction technology was incorporated into nearly every major clothing brand across the hunting category. Other major trends are a greater emphasis on lighter-weight outerwear and an expansion of underwear offerings. Browning: By neutralizing odor-causing bacteria and acting like a filter to reduce outbound scent, the Thermore antibacterial insulation used in the Hydro-Fleece A.T. 4-in-1 parka helps hunters remain scent-free. This scent-control insulation wraps the wearer in an odorless microclimate, reducing scent emission in the field. Because Thermore is built into the structure of the insulation, its scent-reducing qualities won¿t fade away with normal use. The parka is machine washable for easy care. Designed with a quiet camo shell fabric that can be reversed to a solid color, the parka has zippered vents to allow the garment to be worn in cold and warm weather. SRP: $435.(800-333-3288; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Robinson Outdoors: Specially designed for women, ScentBlocker's Lady Dream Season has added a new SPF 50 activated carbon and S3 antimicrobial technology to help control odor. The exterior fleece is quiet and soft to the touch with a durable water-repellent coating. The waist and cuffs perfectly conform to the body and do not release scent due to scentproof zippers. The jacket has a slit in the back for a safe, quick attachment to a safety harness, and there are plenty of zippered pockets to carry accessories. Sizes range from small to large, exclusively in Mossy Oak Treestand camo. SRP: $190.(800-397-1827, Outdoor Life Online Editor
Rivers West: The Spider Jacket is the first completely packable hunting jacket from Rivers West. Weighing just 1.2 pounds, the Spider offers stretch and durability. In addition, the proprietary H2P membrane makes the garment completely waterproof. The jacket uses a pair of 11-inch ventilation zippers angled 25 degrees outward from the center front zipper for increased breathability. A waterproof license pocket is conveniently located on the left sleeve and a shoulder strip will grip a rifle sling. Additional features include a radial collar to protect the back of the neck, an internal storm fly and a mesh tote that stuffs into its own pocket. The garment comes with a 10-year waterproof guarantee and is available in four Mossy Oak patterns, Realtree AP and Advantage Max 1 and 4. SRP: $149.(800-683-0887; Outdoor Life Online Editor
This year's crop of new smoothbores cuts across the entire spectrum. A number of new semi-auto designs stress light weight, lower price or both, while mid- to upper-level over/unders appear from several makers. Pump-gun fans will find some note-worthy developments, including a nifty 16-gauge from Browning. Sporting clays not only appears to be alive and well, but a force in the market, as several companies offer new semi-autos and fixed-breech models. Additions to established lines are numerous, including a number that incorporate new recoil-reducing technology into the stock design. This year has something for everybody. Some highlights are: Browning: Browning's aluminum-alloy Silver Hunter series of gas-operated semi-autos offers a number of new models this year. Fans of the 20-gauge will find a three-inch version available in a 26- or 28-inch barrel in the Silver Hunter model, featuring a ventilated rib, interchangeable choke tubes and a satin walnut stock. SRP: $979. The Silver Micro is the same gun with a more-compact stock to fit smaller shooters. It is available with a 26-inch barrel. SRP: $979. (800-333-3288; Caesar Guerini USA: This year the company unveils a new line of high-end trap guns featuring the Guerini Dynamic Tuning System (DTS). The system includes a fully adjustable rib that changes the point of impact without tools and a stock that is fully adjustable for comb height, drop, offset and cast so that it fits the shooter precisely. The Guerini Magnus Trap will be available in three distinct models: an Unsingle, an over/under and a combo set, in barrel lengths of 30, 32 and 34 inches. Each barrel is fully chrome lined and overbored to .735, has five-inch forcing cones and accepts the Guerini extended Maxis chokes. The Trap model line features well-figured Turkish walnut stocks with a hand-rubbed oil finish and cut checkering at 26 lpi. (410-901-1131; Remington Arms: Two new stock technologies, the SuperCell recoil pad and the ShurShot stock, make their appearance this year in six new Remington shotgun models. The pad, according to Remington, consists of millions of tiny "SuperCells," which form a matrix of cellular air chambers designed to meet or exceed the recoil absorption of the popular R3 recoil pads. The lightweight synthetic thumbhole ShurShot stock, designed with turkey, deer and predator hunters in mind, has a truly ambidextrous design with an ergonomic grip for consistent hand placement. The comb height yields perfect eye alignment with iron sights or optics. The stock also provides molded-in sling-swivel studs. The new thumbhole stock will be available in black and camo versions. Left-handed shooters should be interested in the Model 1100 G3 Left Hand. The gun has the same features as the current G3 but is configured for lefties. The 12-gauge comes with a 28-inch vent-rib Pro-Bore barrel, lengthened forcing cones, high-grade "Realwood" stock and forend and a PVD-coated receiver with nickel-plated internal parts. The overall length is 48.5 inches, and the weight is just over 8 pounds. SRP: $1,265. (800-243-9700; STAY TUNED FOR DAY 3 OF SHOT SHOW!
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Elite Algerian Field Jacket Building upon the success of the Woolrich Elite Series Tactical, the company is enhancing the 2008 line with performance technology, proprietary designs and versatile fabrications. Key features and designs include: magnetic closures for easy access, discreet zippers and pockets, UPF protection, Teflon Fabric Protector, double needle-stitching and casual streetwear styling for effective concealed carry. One of the new garments is the Elite Algerian Field Jacket. Based on a circa '58 Algerian Lizard pattern camouflage jacket issued to the French Foreign Legion, the jacket features four bellows pockets with drain holes, elastic webbing on the inside to secure small items, and tuckable Velcro flaps. The front of the jacket secures with a hidden zipper-and-Velcro closure system. There are four internal pockets with elastic loops for securing additional gear. SRP: $109.99 to $126.99.(800-996-2299; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Handheld Water Purifier The days when the backcountry hunter could just dip a cup into a clear mountain stream and drink to his heart's content are long gone. Do that now and you're virtually assured to come home with giardia or some other incapacitating disorder of the bowels. To help you stay safely hydrated, SteriPEN is debuting Journey, a new handheld water purifier. The device uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses, bacteria and protozoa. The Journey's LCD screen displays important data (such as remaining lamp life) and a timed countdown of each treatment dose. Each Journey will provide 10,000 16-ounce treatments. SRP: $129.95.(888-783-7473; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Sims Vibration Laboratories Sims Vibration Laboratories is best known for recoil-reduction systems that help increase shooting pleasure and accuracy for hunters and shooters. For 2008, LimbSaver engineers and design technicians have assembled a rugged, comfortable line of outdoor clothing that incorporates maximum recoil relief. Each features a Navcom breakaway design that helps reduce the effects of recoil. A LimbSaver Recoil Pad is located in either the upper right or left shoulder area to accommodate both right- and left-handed shooters. Garments include a wool coat, fleece jacket, an upland/summer jacket with zip-off sleeves, a shooting vest and a shirt. (877-257-2761; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Dead Center Shotgun Sight Fiber-optic sights for shotguns are a hot accessory these days, and Limbsaver's new Dead Center Shotgun Sight can help fast-track sales in your store. The patent-pending Multi-Fiber sight is designed to function in varying light conditions-early morning, high noon or last light-and in overcast or sunny situations. In addition, the company claims the target-like appearance of the sight will speed target acquisition. The package consists of a sleek, low-profile sight that clamps on to a vent-rib barrel with a strong rare-earth magnet. Nine versions in various combinations of red, yellow and green are available. SRP: $24.99 to $27.99. (877-257-2761; Outdoor Life Online Editor
AccuPoint riflescopes The new AccuPoint riflescopes combine Trijicon's advanced, self-luminous aiming technologies and superb clarity with the added precision of the hunting industry's most popular reticle-a crosshair. The illuminated crosshair reticle does not require batteries for operation, eliminating the need to carry extra batteries and ensuring against potential failure during a critical moment. Trijicon's exclusive battery-free tritium technology provides precise amber illumination where the crosshairs intersect, for effective aiming and optimum target clarity, regardless of available light. The new scopes also feature Trijicon's newly updated Manual Brightness Adjustment Override, which allows the user to shade the tritium and fiber-optics during daylight. Doing so decreases the brightness of the illuminated reticle during increased light situations. In addition to this new illuminated crosshair reticle, Trijicon will continue to offer the original triangle reticle design, which has the additional benefit of the Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC), allowing the shooter to keep both eyes open while aiming. (800-338-0563; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Pink Lady Charter Arms would like retailers to think pink this year. Its new Pink Lady is not a frothy concoction you'd find at the Regal Beagle, but a compact revolver for self-defense. Based on the popular Undercover Series, the Pink Lady is a featherlight 12 ounces, thanks to a tough 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum frame anodized to a bight pink. The Pink Lady is chambered for .38 Special +P, and boasts an exposed hammer, 2-inch stainless-steel barrel and 5-round stainless-steel cylinder. Set off by black-rubber grips, the overall package is an eye-popping revolver for women who need reliable self-defense in a great-looking firearm. SRP: $399.(866-769-4867; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Ostrich Holster Would you park your Porsche 911 in the first available spot on the street? Of course not. Then why would you jam your custom-made model 1911 into some off-the-shelf injection-molded or leather holster? That's the thinking behind the premium Ostrich Companion full-quill ostrich holsters and magazine pouches from Nighthawk Custom. Crafted with top-of-the-line materials and benefiting from the same strict attention to detail as its entire line of handcrafted model 1911s, the new holsters are designed to protect the semi-auto in high style. Available in mahogany or deep black, the specially made holsters are custom-cut to fit Nighthawk Custom's Government, Commander or Officer frame sizes. Each holster is also reinforced-stitched, ensuring years of reliable and comfortable use. SRP: $199.95 The Ostrich Companion magazine pouches are offered in both single- and double-magazine configurations. The premium pouches are specially designed with a forward cant to allow for a smoother draw. SRP: $99.95.(877-268-4867; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Panther LR-338 Built on the popular LR-308 platform, the new Panther LR-338 (chambered for the .338 Federal) boasts a new lightweight, extruded A3-style upper receiver, a carbon-fiber free-float tube and a fully fluted 18-inch chrome-moly heavy barrel and slim-line compensator. In addition, the new LR-338 features a milled 6061-T6 aluminum semi-automatic lower receiver, a two-stage trigger, an integral trigger guard and an aluminum magazine-release button. Other features include a turned-down gas block, sling swivel, lightweight, skeletonized A2 buttstock with trap-door assembly and a Hogue rubber pistol grip with finger grooves. A hard-coat anodizing and all-over black Teflon coating completes the package. The LR-338 comes standard with two steel magazines, a cleaning kit and a hard case. SRP: $1,499. (320-258-4448; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Bone Crusher Bird hunters who want to get their take ready for the grill quickly and easily should take a close look at Gerber's new Bone Crusher. The compact tool is designed to dismember large game birds in a jiffy. Its hook-style cutter won't allow the bone to slip while cutting; furthermore, it can handle bones up to 1 inch in diameter. The rubber grip handle prevents the clipper from slipping. Dishwasher-safe.(800-950-6161; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Trail Scout pro digital camera
Bushnell continues to enhance its line of Trail Scout digital cameras. For 2008, the Trail Scout Pro offers game-call technology, higher-resolution digital images and an extended-range infrared LED array for better nighttime photography. The built-in game call (with an external speaker) lets users choose from deer, elk, moose, turkey and predator calls. Multiple camera-resolution settings offer three-, five- and seven-megapixel resolution for sharper images. Other key features include a ratcheting mounting for better placement and adjustment, Bushnell name stamp, moon-phase-stamp and audio-recording capability, passive infrared motion detector with 45-foot range and an SD card. SRP: $349.99. A key accessory that should be sold with the camera is Bushnell's new solar panel charger. The panel will maintain a charge on four rechargeable D-cell batteries for an indefinite period, even in extreme weather conditions. It comes with an attached bracket and six-foot shrouded cable to ensure optimal exposure to the sun. SRP: $49.99. (800-221-9035; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Medallion safes with the OmniBarrier lock-protection system are now available in 56-cubic-foot models. They are fire resistant to 1,200 degrees F for 90 minutes. In addition, the DPX modular storage system is now standard on all models. SRP: $3,569 to $3,749. (800- 333-3288; Outdoor Life Online Editor
The new Microblast high-output LED finger-size flashlight features a tough aluminum housing and a waterproof O-ring seal. The Deep Pocket carry clip lets the user attach the light to a cap or keep it secure in a pocket until needed. Available in AA- and AAA-battery versions. SRP: $19.99 to $39.99. (800-333-3288; Outdoor Life Online Editor
When you sell a customer the rifle of a lifetime for that once-in-a-lifetime trip, you'll no doubt feel pretty satisfied. You've turned a nice hunk of change, and the customer has just left the store with a big smile on his face. But unless you also sold him a case built for stout duty, you're not through-not while the airline industry remains committed to its mission of destroying gun cases. You can make sure the customer keeps that smile by selling him the Hardigg Storm iM3220. The case measures 44 by 14 by 8.5 inches, and has a 2-inch-thick lid. That gives the traveling hunter plenty of room for two rifles and extra optics. Like its relatives in the Storm family, the iM3220's shell is watertight, dustproof and unbreakable. On the inside, solid polyethylene foam, which can be easily shaped to the contours of a firearm, provides the required protection. For a truly customized fit, the Hardigg computer-controlled water-jet foam-cutting system can cut the foam to a customer's exact specifications. The press-and-pull latches provide easy access yet stay firmly closed under impact. For added security, you can attach a padlock to either or both of the unbreakable, molded-in hasps. In-line polyurethane wheels provide easy, quiet transport, and durable, rigid-core soft-grip handles make the case comfortable to carry. SRP: $305 to $345, depending on model. (800-542-7344; ) Outdoor Life Online Editor
Doublestar is adding three new gas blocks for the AR-15 platform. The trio includes a two-piece two-rail, a one-piece four-rail and a low-profile block. The two-piece and four-piece blocks are made of standard 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminium with a hard-coat anodized finish to reduce weight. Each has a 1913 Picatinny rail system to accept accessory attachments. The four-rail system, made to fit .75-inch-diameter barrels, is held in place with three sets of screws designed to ensure a perfect gas seal. SRP: $64.96.
The two-piece gas block is securely installed with four socket-head machine screws and is available for a .75-inch-diameter barrel or a .625-inch diameter A1 barrel. SRP: $64.95. The low-profile gas block is made from 1018 steel and is mil-spec parkerized. Designed for shooters who always use a scope, the low-profile gas block replaces the front sight. SRP: $38.95. (888-736-7725; Outdoor Life Online Editor
When you hunt the high country and need both arms free for climbing, you'll want a sling that can carry a rifle safely but makes it quickly available for use. The Vero Vellini sling, made in Germany, can do just that. The new High Climbing Double Sling is modeled after the biathlon rifle slings used in Winter Olympics competition. Biathlon competitors on cross-country skis must carry a heavy target rifle between firing points quickly and safely, and then fire at targets for score accurately at each point. The new double sling loops behind the elbows to firmly hold the rifle stock for better support for an off-hand shot when no suitable rest is available. The sling is available in forest green with dark brown trim, and is fully adjustable for compatibility with a variety of body sizes and clothing combinations. SRP: $89.95. (800-257-7742; Outdoor Life Online Editor
Savvy campers learned a long time ago that sitting on coolers and stumps is not the best way to enjoy a fire. The Browning Camp Cooler has been designed to remedy this situation. It also makes for a dandy dove seat, with enough pockets for ammo, insect repellent, sunblock and the like. Just below the folding seat you'll find a large insulated cooler that holds water and, assuming the field is hot, doves. A large carrying strap lets hunters simply throw the seat over a shoulder and walk into the field. The frame is constructed from durable no-squeak aluminum; the seat, made from a heavy-duty poly-oxford material, has a capacity of 250 pounds. SRP: $39.99.(877-765-7655; Outdoor Life Online Editor
With the hot-selling Stealth II coming to the end of its three-year life cycle, Magnum intends to raise the bar in design, comfort and durability with the unveiling of Stealth Force. The new duty boot features lightweight athletic shoe construction and a contemporary, progressive upper design built upon a proven last to ensure a refined fit. Airport-friendly construction, including a nylon and glass-fiber shank, meets the current demand of law enforcement and security professionals who wish to pass through security without removing their footwear. The new boot utilizes a full-grain leather upper with a new integrated ballistic 1,680-denier nylon mesh quarter panel. A Cambrelle lining provides a breathable, moisture-wicking layer; Agion antibacterial treatment improves foot hygiene and odor management. A lightweight compression-molded EVA midsole cushions the foot, and a new performance X-Traction Zone outsole provides slip resistance. Stealth Force will be available in low-cut, mid-cut and over-the-calf heights, featuring side zippers, Thinsulate insulation, seam-sealed waterproof protection and a non-metallic composite safety toe. Available August 2008. SRP: $95 to $120. (800-521-1698; Outdoor Life Online Editor

The 30th Anniversary of SHOT Show kicked off in Las Vegas on Feb. 2. Outdoor Life was on the scene, and we’ve got an exclusive look at the most exciting new guns and gear from SHOT 2008.