To make it easier on everyone, I have decided to post my Holiday Gift List – I accept presents from any and all holidays, not just Christmas – online. Here’s what to get me, or your loved ones, for this holiday season.** GUNS & GEAR**
JP Smithson Rifle
Joe Smithson is widely regarded as one of the most gifted rifle makers of the new century. His detail to excellence in craftsmanship allows him to make just six to eight rifles a year. The result is a blending of art, flawless function and exceptional handling. ( Photo: Steven Dode Hughes.
Fausti Dea Side-by-Side 28 Gauge
A hand-rubbed oil finish atop a Turkish walnut stock and fore-end, richly blued barrels, Old World scroll engraving and a well appointed trigger guard make the new Fausti Dea side-by-side 28-gauge shotgun a work of art. Flawless handling, a patented ejector system and a weight of less than five pounds make it the perfect gun for dove, grouse or bobwhite quail. ($3,749; Photo: American Rifleman
Laser Genetics ND-3
Referring to it as a flashlight would be insulting. The Laser Genetics ND-3 utilizes optical laser technology to brightly illuminate objects out to more than three hundred yards. Included mounts allow for attachment to binoculars, scopes or Weaver-style bases. Whether handheld or mounted, the ND-3 is excellent for the outdoors, in an emergency or for personal. ($350;
Stealth Commander 4×4 Electric Utility Vehicle
With a 64-volt electric motor capable of generating 30 horsepower, room for six adults and payload, and on-demand four wheel drive, the Stealth Commander 4×4 is a premier electric utility vehicle. Disc brakes, as well as the highest ground clearance and torque in its class, make it the perfect go-anywhere hunting vehicle. A 4×2 model is also available. (
Sage Xi3 Series Saltwater Fly Rods
Designed for “maximum fishability” the new Xi3 Series of saltwater fly rods from Sage offer an extreme level of torque and torsion resistance for better control and tracking, as well as less wasted energy. This all results in a more enjoyable time on the water, with less stress on both you and the rod. Superior layer interface and proprietary resin construction deliver maximum strength with less weight. ($695-$775;
Waterworks Lamson ULA Force Saltwater/Spey Reel
The ULA Force Saltwater/Spey reels are designed for speed and strength. They provide incredibly quick line pickup, jaw-dropping stopping torque and consistent drag pressure against even the biggest of tarpon. A Hard Alox coating protects against salt and corrosion and makes cleanup a breeze. ($529-$639;
Technoframes ZERO Ammo Box
Safely store up to 50 rounds of ammunition in style with a custom-made ZERO Ammo Box from Technoframes. Solid aluminum construction with steel hinges, protective ElastiFoam interior and a state of the art locking mechanism, combined with custom engraving, create the ultimate keepsake in ammunition storage. (
Trijicon AccuPoint 3-9×40 Riflescope
Billed as the most technically advanced riflescope in the world, the Trijicon AccuPoint offers superior optical quality with a battery-free self-luminous Tritium Phosphor Lampdual illuminated reticle. The post reticle, with an illuminated triangle tip (in green), allows for lightning-quick aiming and game acquisition in any light conditions. ($815,
YETI Tundra – 250 Quart
At 55 inches in length and 22 inches wide, there’s not much the 250-quart YETI Tundra can’t accommodate. Three inches of insulation in the lid, two inches in the walls and a freezer-style searing gasket keeps ice solid, game meat frozen and beer cold for a very, very long time. ($750;
ESP Series 1 Digital Hearing Protection
Give ears the gift of comfort, safety and a lifetime of uncompromised hearing with a pair of ESP Series 1 Digital Hearing Protection. CD-quality sound enhances normal surroundings, while advanced electronic compression circuitry immediately represses threatening sound levels (90dB or higher). ($1,595;
Galazan’s Shooting Glasses
Galazan’s latest shooting glasses offer style with uncompromising safety. Thirteen different lenses provide perfect vision in any lighting situation, while metal-frame hinges and a ball-tipped temple piece offer a secure and comfortable fit. Glasses come with a clip-on carrying case with enough room for two additional sets of lenses. (
Texas Hunt Company Master Blaster and Mamba Slings
Texas Hunt Company’s slings are proudly designed and manufactured in the Lone Star State. The Master Blaster comes with or without Talon swivels, a quick release and an integral shoulder pad. The Mamba-Extreme is designed for AR-style rifles and offers the choice of two- or three-point configurations. (
Leica Geovid 8 x 56 HD
Measure distances out to 1400 yards with laser accuarcy and legendary European glass with the Leica Geovid 8×56 HD binocular. Flouride glass, combined with supurb optic design, provides highly defined brilliance and contrast, even in twilight and other low-light situations. AquaDura lens coating protects against water and dirt and makes them far easier to clean. ($2,900;
Blue Ocean Tackle Harpoon
You’re going to face down an angry-200 pound shark with a sharpened piece of wire coat hanger tied to a broomstick? Oh. Excuse me. It’s called a gaff. Forget that. Be a man! Release your inner Quint! Get a Blue Ocean Tackle Harpoon and bring that monster aboard like you’re the master of the sea. Or get me one and I’ll do it for you. You go play with your gaff. Over there. Away from me.
Reconyx PC900 HyperFire™ Professional High Output Covert IR
Reconyx cameras are the best game cameras on the market today. Period. Why? Because they work. And they work well. Very well. They offer full 1080P High Definition images at speeds as fast as 2 frames per second. That being said, I’m asking for five. Come on. I’m worth it.
Leica Geovid 8 x 42 HD Rangefinding Binoculars
These bad boys offer a field of view of 125 meters at 1,000 meters and accurately measure distances at out to 350 meters. As soon as I get a pair I’m going to look up what those distances are in American measurements. Stupid metric system.
Everlast “The Claw” Skinning Tool
Sometimes I feel sorry for the people who skin my game. Not sorry enough to actually put down my crystal tumbler of scotch and fine Dominican Republic cigar to help mind you, but sorry nonetheless. I think I’ll give the next unlucky chap that draws skinning duty for me a “Claw” skinning tool. Hopefully that will ease their strain as I do hate watching people sweat.
Caldwell Lead Sled Plus Recoil Reducing Rifle Rest
I got to try one of these out at a hunting lodge a few months ago and found it to be the best rifle rest I’ve ever used. The “recoil reducing part” works pretty well too as I was shooting a .375 H & H Magnum and was still able to use my shoulder after firing several rounds. I also like that it holds the rifle perfectly still. My hands tend to shake a lot. I’m not sure why. It could be the 15 Diet Dr. Peppers I drink a day. Maybe that’s too much caffeine.
Shimano Tiagra 80wa
The next reel up is called a winch and it bolts to the front of your truck. Seriously, you can reel up a Hummer with one of these babies – it’s that tough. It works on big fish too.
McKenzie Safari Series™ African Leopard Target
If nothing else, it should keep the grackles and squirrels out of my yard.
Americase Strong Safari
Not only is this sucker almost indestructible, but it has enough room for two scoped rifles or one scoped rifle and a ton of other gear such as a spotting scope, binoculars, rangefinder, etc. or one scoped rifle and a ventriloquist dummy. Yeah. I thought that last combo was a little weird too but then I started working for Outdoor Life…
Brunton ADC™ Pro™
As a writer, I’m a fiend for information. That’s why I need a Brunton ADC Pro. This small device has a thermometer, measures wind speed, figures the heat index, the humidity level, and displays the altitude. About the only think it won’t do…what? It does that too. It also does what? Oh man…that’s nasty.
Ralph Lauren Redford Shearling Boot
Made in Italy, these Ralph Lauren boots come with a drawstring duster bag with printed “Ralph Lauren” logo and an extra set of twill laces.
Hell yeah!
Orvis All-Weather Suede Safari Jacket
Now I can look good wearing suede on safari even if it rains.
Who’m I kidding? I look good in the rain no matter what.
Texas Hunt Company Gaiters
I actually already have a pair of these but considering what a pain it is to find them before a trip I’d like to have one pair per pair of boots in my closet. For those of you keeping track, that’s 17 pair of gaiters I need.
Dubarry Blake of Ireland- Men’s Waterproof Tweed Jacket
Some people might find it difficult to justify spending $1,000 on a tweed coat that would probably be worn only once or twice a year.
To those people I say, there are other items on my gift list – some that you might actually be able to afford. Keep looking.
Russell Premium Branded North American Socks
Russell sent me a couple pairs of these socks a few months ago. I, in turn, gave them away here on Outdoor Life. I really hated doing that as they were nicest socks I’d ever tried on. That’s right s.f.wilson, I tried on the socks I sent you! Hope you washed them before you wore them.
Columbia Men’s Blood ‘N Guts™ Long Sleeve Shirt
First off, I love the name. Secondly, I like that it’s constructed of “A special fabric treatment [that] repels blood, motor oil, and whatever else finds its way onto the fabric.”
What does Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai have to do with my holiday gift list? Nothing. Nothing at all.
Purdey Classic Moleskin Breeks
Ok. See that guy holding all the dead squirrels? Those short pants he’s wearing are called breeks. I need a pair so I can go hunting with Prince William this spring when I’m over there for his bachelor party. What? You didn’t get invited? Maybe if you had some breeks. Editor’s note: Gayne was not actually invited to Prince William’s bachelor party – so far as we know.
Rivers West Bib Overalls
I don’t normally like overalls as they make me think of sitting around a still drinking moonshine with guys named Bubba, Cletus, Junior, Milton, Bud and Gummy Joe but I came across these not too long ago and actually liked them. I just hope Gummy Joe likes them. He’s a real fashion critic.
Westley Richards Dubarry Clare Boot
They’re described as offering the performance of a riding boot “while also offering that twist of elegance.” I had a twist of elegance once. It’s not as enjoyable as you might think.
Realtree Superfly Khaki Water Shorts
Allow me to be perfectly honest – the only reason I originally put these on my list was because I never in a million years thought the words Realtree and Superfly would ever be found together in a product name. Way to go Bill Jordan. Will I be Superfly if I wear them? Come on. I’m Superfly when I’m not wearing them.
J.L. Powell Linen Flat Front Pant
I could use a few pair of linen pants for an upcoming fishing trip to Baja. The J.L. Powell catalog says of these pants, “Standing on a patio on a hot day, women will marvel at your ability to look pulled together and not the least bit overheated.” Like I need help to look pulled together. What? I do.
Boyt Harness Company Long Sleeve Safari Shirt
You can never have too many safari shirts. I like that this model has shooting pads on both shoulders. Hopefully this feature will keep me from looking lopsided when I stand around camp.
Cabela’s Tech Silk Weight Polartec® Power Dry Crew
Because I hate cold weather – or as I like to call it “I wish I wear dead weather” – I’m always looking for clothing that will keep me warm when afield. This performance underwear from Cabela’s offers a good start. Hopefully I can get a few pieces before it gets too cold here in Fredericksburg, Texas. And by cold I mean 50 degrees and below.
Russell Moccasin Turtleskin ThornArmor Safari PH Boots and Socks
Russell’s Turtleskin ThornArmor Safari PH Boots are handcrafted one pair at a time to match the customer’s exact measurements. WeatherTuff leather and Turtleskin exterior lining offer superb support while protecting against thorns and other hazards. Wear them with Russell’s new Premium Branded Socks for the ultimate in comfort. (
TAG Safari Bulawayo Shirt
Originally designed by Professional Hunters in Zimbabwe, the Bulawayo shirt combines born-in-the-field functionality with historic styles and modern good looks. Uncompromisingly durable cotton grown and handpicked in western Zimbabwe produces a high-tensile strength “Tropicool” fabric that’s as rugged as it is attractive. Available in long or short sleeve, olive and khaki. ($37-$40;
SHE Outdoor Apparel Camo Collection
Get outdoors with a look and fit that’s “all woman.” SHE Camo’s C2 Flex-Fit jacket and pants utilize SHE Flex-Fit Fabric, RealTree AP HD patterns and Scent-Lok technology with fitted, body-hugging styling. Going afield doesn’t mean you can’t look feminine. ($89, jacket; $85, pants;
Sitka Kelvin Jacket
Sitka Camo’s Kelvin Jacket offers performance, protection, and serious moisture management. PirmaLoft synthetic high-loft insulation embraces warmth, yet is designed to keep from hugging the body. Macro and micro digital patterning on the Gore-Tex fabric provides near invisibility in the field as well breathable comfort and durability. ($250;
Gerstner Shooter’s Companion Case

Made of half-inch thick slabs of solid red oak this gun care chest has two storage compartments, plus a full-width bottom drawer and a removable tray on the top shelf. For cleaning and servicing, rifles and shotguns are rested in padded fork rests that adjust to snugly fit the gun’s contours. When not in use, the forks are removed and stored in the chest. There are no nails, screws or staples to be found in the chest’s construction, with everything being held together by the tight fitting tongue-and-groove joinery Gerstner is famous for. Like their tool chests, the interior is felt lined and the key lock latch, hinges, pulls and outside corner protectors are brightly nickel-plated. The handle is stitched leather. The dimensions are 19 x 9.25 x 9.25 inches. ($219;
Walden & Bork
Give the gift of your success in the field. The artisans at Walden & Bork can turn any game skin into high-end products like wallets, purses, bags and belts. All items are handcrafted and unique mementos of your adventures. (
Tito’s Handmade Vodka
While the words “Texas” and “vodka” might not seem to go together, critics and spirit connoisseurs around the world beg to differ. Produced in small batches in a pot still in Austin, Tito’s Handmade Vodka regularly beats more than 70 of the world’s best premium vodkas in taste competitions. (
Colonel Littleton No. 2 Shave Kit
Here is a Dopp kit large enough to hold all your necessities, yet stylish enough to carry to even the swankiest of hunting lodges or safari camps. Steer hide leather and heavy cotton canvas construction ensures the kit is as durable as it is attractive. ($245;
Davidoff Puro Belicoso Cigars
Available from the premiere tobacco house of Davidoff, and only for a limited time, the PuroBelicoso offers full-bodied character with an intense, vigorous flavor. Dominican Criollo, Piloto, San Vicente and Olor blended filler tobaccos, combined with a Dominican Yamasa wrapper, provide an exquisite taste and even burn. ($178/10;
Big Bore Hunting DVDs
Hunt the far reaches of the globe from the comfort of your living room with Big Bore Production’s catalogue of hunting DVDs. High-def action, award-winning editing and tight narration send viewers to Ethiopia, Cameroon, Mexico, Canada, the Arctic Circle and almost every game-rich area in between. (
Fish the Bay of Dreams

The dream of fishing from your own private beach just became a bit more realistic. A four-bedroom house with maid service for four nights, and a boat with a full-time captain for three full days can be yours for under $5,000 at The Bay of Dreams, two hours north of Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico. (
Hunt True Russian Boar
An authentic Russian boar exhibits the muscle strength, body size, tenacity and dagger-sharp tusks that make your average feral hog look like Babe, by comparison. Treat yourself, or a loved one, to the gift of several hundred pounds of purebred Euro-Asian fury without leaving the United States at Bear Mountain Lodge in Northern Michigan. (
South African Family Safari
For about the same price as a premiere North American elk hunt, a family of four can enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Let Limcroma Safaris design a package that includes every aspect of what South Africa has to offer. Hunt plains and dangerous game, fish, sight-see and watch game in comfort and style in one of the Dark Continent’s safest countries. (
Australian Buff
Hunt the true big boys of the land Down Under with Hunt Australia. Package deals from under $10,000 allow hunters nearly a week in the Northern Territory hunting monster Asiatic buffalo. Scrub cattle, wild boar, feral goats and barramundi fishing are also available. (
Tropical Brant Hunt
Kiss the freeze of February goodbye. Hunt black brant and other sea fowl in the tropical warmth of San Quintin, Mexico. Three nights lodging and two full days of hunting, complete with guide, dogs and generous bag limits for around $2,500.00. The opportunity to see hundreds of birds at a time and afternoon siestas are included. (
Hunt Missouri Monsters
Located in central Missouri, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch has produced four of the top five SCI world record typical and four of the top five non-typical whitetail deer. First-class hospitality and accommodations round out what’s sure to be the deer hunt of a lifetime. (
Scimitar-Horned Oryx Hunt
Despite the fact that thousands of Scimitar-Horned Oryx can be found in Texas, the species is rumored to be placed on the endangered species list this year due to almost nonexistent numbers in their native Africa. Let Global Adventure Outfitters, Inc. design a Texas safari for you or your loved ones before it’s too late. (
West Texas Mountain Lion Hunt
Hunt mountain lion, whitetail and mule deer, elk, and free-range aoudad on horseback in the rugged mountains of west Texas on the century-old, family-run Sproul Ranch. Afterwards, retire to private cabins with all the amenities of a five-star hotel, sun by the pool or have a chuck wagon dinner under the stars. (
Mercedes Airstream
What better way to deliver gifts to loved ones than in the comfort and rugged sophistication of a 2011 Airstream 3500 Interstate? With room for eight, a kitchen, a bathroom and a convertible lounge/bedroom for two, this new touring coach is perfect for the outdoorsman on the go.

Here are Gayne Young’s high-end holiday gift ideas for the discerning sportsman. Hope you were good this year.